Noisy Tales

Soundtrack, Tunes and Toons.

Yes, onomatopoeia, parody, storytelling, comedy and illustration!
Noisy Tales, in story and cartoon form. Fun for all ages! A real doodle rumpus.

Charlie tells stories using an array of realistic sound effects, funny voices and zany humor. Students will learn there are many different voices for storytelling. It’s OK to tell it your way.



There are several basic examples of stories per program.

1. Reading a story out-loud!

2. Creating your own story using a storyboard of drawings or cartoons!

3. Retelling a folk or fairy tale in your own words and style!

4. Icing: And of course, how to add sounds for your own storytelling ambiance.

Imagine Jack using a chainsaw to chop down the beanstalk. Imagine the tortoise and the hare racing in their noisy cars. Picture the Brementown musicians doing disco. Picture Goldilocks kicking in the bear’s cottage door.

Imagine a Don Martin and Ray Stevens hybrid telling stories. You’d get Noisy Tales!

In each show there are examples of reading, telling and playing with sounds. Just plain old noisy fun.

charlie rock

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