Puppet show! (Wombat Stew)

A gooey, yummy, zany, funny puppet show based on Marcia Vaughan’s popular books “Wombat Stew” and “SNAP!”

Enjoy the kookaburra song! See a treefrog play a didgeridoo! Learn about the differences and similarities of Australian culture!

Brimming with stories, songs and lively puppets, this VARIETY show is noisy fun for all ages.

Written, adapted and produced by
Charlie “the Noiseguy” Williams, it is performed by the Sound Safari Players!

The plot: A chipper American Squirrel sets off for Australia to get a picture of the majestic Blue Tongue Lizard! Along the way, he meets a platypus who introduces him to the locals.
Will the little squirrel get a snap of the blue tongue?

Filled with hilarious Australian animal puppets and amazing Australian sound effects it’s fun for the whole family!

Running time- 40 minutes.
Full production stage, 4X6 feet, with amplified sound. Please allow 45 minutes for setup and take-down.



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