Author Day

Want some amplified augmentation for your curriculum?

Believe it or not, Charlie comes from a long line of teachers and it shows in his classroom visits. In one day he can do five assemblies tailored to enhance the unit studies of each grade.

K-1 grade:   “Clouding Around” a multimedia show about the science, the sounds the slapstick of clouds! (Earth Science)

2 grade: “Down Under Where?” a hilarious Australian slideshow and travelogue about his multiple tours in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Hobart! Hear animal calls, accents and Aussie culture stories. (Geography)

3-4 grade: “Lewis and Clark, Up a Creek!” Part cartoon slide show, part reader’s theater, this animated program has plenty of participation and education covering the Corps of Discovery’s epic trip. (American History)

5-6 grade: “Dr Onomatopoeia” You’ve seen Onomatopoeia at work in comic books, TV advertisements and in movies. Onomatopoeia are words that sound like sounds and can be a creative tool for reading, writing and speaking. (Creative writing)

Evening family program: “Family Funny Night!” This is the culmination of the day, a noisy comedy show for the families. Many curious parents will attend, just to find out what all the noise is about!

Pricing. Each individual assembly is 350, but the whole day is 1500! Not a bad deal! Your students will be inspired, enlightened and entertained! Email for availability!

More info in the videos and pictures below!

Clouding Around video

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