Making the best of our guest

Here are some ideas for activities or teaching moments, which can be tied in with our guest The Noiseguy! Please take advantage of the inspiration and motivation he instills in the students. Directing noisy energy into reading and writing is a positive, creative outlet!

These activities cover the following EALR’s: Reading 1.3, 1.4, 3.3

Writing 2.1 and communication 2.3.1 & 3.2

And it’s just such a “boy” thing!!

1. Folk Tales including “Fairy Tales”, were meant to be TOLD. Have the students find and read their favorite fairy stories (found in the 398.2 section of the library) and RETELL their own personalized version of a folk or fairy tale.

2. Creative Writing using a storyboard. This is a fun way to incorporate artwork (cartoons & thumbnail sketches, drama & action) into story planning. Emphasize that a story needs to have a beginning, middle and end. It can answer the questions Who is the story about? (characters) Where and when does the story take place? (setting, props) What and why do the story take place? (motivation, plot)

3. Besides the story elements listed above, this would be a fine time to introduce the literary device of onomatopoeia. Have students write one sound on a piece of paper, draw a picture of how the sound is being made, and build a story around it. Act it out for the class.

4. Journal Writing. Encourage students to keep a personal journal of anything they like. They can record ideas, thoughts or self expression through cartoons, poems, sketches, stories, clippings or pictures! Create a story from a personal writing.

5. Biblio of noisy titles! For an ever expanding list of books with examples of onomatopoeia or a noisy storyline, CLICK HERE

6. Have the students read aloud, practicing fluency, emotion and expression. Practice in front of the class or record the readings like a radio show. Try a reader’s theater, one reading while several others act out the action with very little use of props. It can be a picture book, novel or comic strip.

Finally, here is a small artice and lesson plan using onomatopoeia in the classroom. CLICK!

Personally, Don Martin from Mad Magazine is what got me going in this noisy direction. I loved his creative wordings of sounds. Plus he was funny while being really gross- something a lot of authors are too scared to do. Other authors try too hard to be gross, they figure it’s what kids want. But Don Martin had a passion for sound effects, that’s why he would lovingly pen the onomatopoeia “Ker-Splitch” into a comic about a guy stepping in doggie poo.

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