How to make a paper popper!

How to make your very own loud and annoying paper popper!

Disclaimer: We have had a few problems, so we had to create some rules. Thank you for observing them.

Not following them, just observing them. Thank you.

DO NOT use the paper popper in classes, libraries, church services or while your parents are sleeping.

Please use paper to make a popper. BACON WILL NOT WORK, ERIC!

Do not use the popper behind a skittish herd of buffalo.

Do not use the popper behind a skittish herd of baby boomers.

As with all other enjoyable activities in these overly-safety-conscious times, use protective eyewear and a helmet.

IMPORTANT: Choice of paper results in different sounding pops.

Construction paper makes the loudest pop, toilet paper makes the softest.

Please remember to recycle. Trees are very sensitive and when they see you wasting paper, it makes them

rustle their leaves in anger.

Do not attempt to operate heavy machinery while playing with a popper. It’s probably safe to say- don’t play with heavy machinery -period. The construction workers freak out the next day.

Okay, let’s get started! First off, grab an 8.5 X 11 sheet of regular, garden-variety, notebook paper.


Step 1. Lay it on the table, landscape. (longways)

Step 2. Fold up from the bottom, about 2 inches.

Step 3. Fold up again, another 2 inches. You following this, Eric?

Step 4. Fold it in half. Keep your previous folds on the outside.

Step 5. Pick it up and hold the tip of the fold in the middle, like so.


Now here’s the hard part, so pay attention!

Step 6. Fold the inner fold down, creating two “air pockets,” see?

Step 7. It should look like this. Now hold the bottom right corners…

Step 8.

Make sure the inner fold is loose and can slide easily.

Step 9. This may take a few tries, but it’s all in the wrist.

Swing the popper down so the air pockets catch the wind! Your wrist is making the motion of throwing a dart. The sound of the paper unfolding make the pop.

The faster you swing your popper, the louder the pop. Practice a few times and you’ll get the hang of it. With a regular sheet of paper and a

flip of your arm -like throwing a frisbee -you can make an incredibly loud CRACK! Sometimes the paper rips from the sheer force! That means you are DOIN’ IT RIGHT!

Have fun and try not to get into too much trouble, you little scamps!

Watch the video on how to make a paper popper!

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