Bargain Basement


The boss is outta town and everything MUST GO!

Specials on everything that isn’t NAILED DOWN!

Prices so low you’ll think you’ve gone to CONSUMER HEAVEN!


Buy one show, get a second one at a discount!

That’s right. Book a school assembly, why not plan a family fun night on the same day!

That way the parents can come in and see what’s with all the noise.


Snowball Discount!

Get another school, library or bookstore involved and receive a % off, once they book!

This is how we build a tour! BUT it has to be part of the tour, like on the same dates.

You can’t get another venue to book 4 months later! Tsk Tsk Tsk. Nice try though.


Street Crews!

Ah, where would we be without our friends. Our friends that we force into free labor. That’s right, if you are a fan of the show and would like to help promote Charlie’s next gig, LET US KNOW and we will send you posters to pin up at supermarkets, schools, daycares, playgrounds, laundromats and home-owner newsletters. You will help get the word out!

And that word is “Gravy Train.” Actually that’s two words.

Then- you and your family will be rewarded with free merch and in some cases a free lunch! Eh? Eh? Free food, not bad.

Or make him mow your lawn.


Free Merch Referral Program

Well, the show is over, wasn’t that fun. Say, if you liked it that much, will you be a referral? Charlie will give you free merchandise? Mention this ad and say “Hey, pay up!” Write a small blurb about your honest thoughts of the show, send it to NOISEGUY and he’ll give you free stuff.

Like CD’s, and bookmarks.

Questions? Email me at

I can give you a more detailed price scale and info on the discount deals.

One thought on “Bargain Basement

  1. We saw your show this summer at the Fort Walton Beach, FL library and our two girls loved it. We bought your book “An Ode to Toilets” and the CD, Sugar Frosted Noisy Tales. It was played in the car almost everytime we got in. Unfortunately, I recently wrecked the car (I’m OK) but the car was totalled and low and behold the CD was trapped inside. The car shop took the battery out and it could not be retrieved. Sad to say…we now only have an empty CD case to serve as a constant reminder of our beloved lost CD. Anyway, I saw your ad about Free Merch Referral, so I thought I would give it a shot. By the way, Goldilocks is by far the very favorite and my girls can recite it to me verbatum. You would be proud!! 🙂

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