Clouding Around

The Science, the sounds, the silliness of Clouds

LEARN cloud names!

PREDICT the weather!

HEAR amazing weather sound effects!

LAUGH with a guy whose head is in the clouds!

Charlie’s cloud program combines comedy, cartoon animations, science, theatrics and lots of noisy fun for a show that will inspire your students in natural science!

Charlie explains what first graders take away from this program:

“This show was commissioned by my Mother, who recently retired as a first grade teacher. She asked me to do something creative with the cloud unit, it was boring the kids. “Such hard terms to pronounce! Liquid and vapor? They can’t even touch a cloud! Arrrgh!”

I give each cloud a personality so that kids can remember the names easily. Students will also understand why certain clouds behave a certain way and how water vapor forms a cloud. I also use my skills as an animator and voice-over artist to make the clouds come to life. This is part slide-show, part live action and fully funny.

Afterwards, students will be able to walk outside and identify the 3 main cloud types. (Cumulus, Cirrus and Stratus) They will understand what they do and what kind of weather they bring. They will get to touch a cloud. (I bring in an ultrasonic vaporizer- nice cool steam!) They will learn how to create their own cloud. (Winter time is best for this!)

I even discuss air pressure, lightning generation and tell a true story about a pilot that survived falling through a thunderstorm.

Clouds have always been a passion of mine, ever since I saw a wave of Cirrocumulus from a distant hurricane sweep over my childhood home in Florida. I hope kids find clouds as exciting as I do!”



Three’s a cloud! – the three main cloud types

The loudest cloud! – a cartoon quiz show about which cloud turns into a monster!

How to predict the weather by identifying clouds

How does water turn into a cloud?

What is a contrail? Is Cirrus really a “fair-weather” cloud? Which cloud spawns tornadoes?

Special needs: Charlie uses a projector and a screen to play his cartoons.
He brings his own sound system, laptop, screen and projector. In most cases he can line into a classroom projector as well. Keep in mind it needs to be somewhat dark and also able to have lights again at random intervals.

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