Lewis and Clark, Up a Creek!

Over one million years ago, back in 1804, Ndlogoa team of men and one woman with her screaming baby, traveled west.

Their mission; to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new…… civilizations.

Join us for a multimedia presentation of this fantastic voyage. All ages will enjoy this hysterical, historical show!

A president with a plan. Thomas Jeffersontjcartoon

LewisantA dude with a funny hat. Meriwether Lewis

ClarkantA fellow with two first names. William Clark





A guy with too much time on his hands. Charlie Williams

Charlie likes to fracture these stories with fun voices, cartoon pictures, impressive sound imitations and anachronistic parody. (If you haven’t figured that out already) Yet the story retains it’s original flavor, kids will be learning and not even know it.

This is an hour long program that is part slide show, part reader’s theater. The reader’s theater has a part for someone in each grade (K-6) to play, with a few parts for brave teachers! The whole school will enjoy watching as Charlie recreates scenes like the expedition catching a prairie dog or meeting Sacajawea  Students will see a fun, educational approach to history, drama, reading and journal writing.


Charlie brings his own sound equipment and needs a good amount of performance space for a stage. He’ll need a screen and an LCD projector. (Charlie has his presentation and music on his own laptop.) 30 minutes setup time.

$350 for the whole show!




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