Meet Mic!

Charlie_251Title: Meet Mic!

How to use a microphone.

Intended for children’s librarians, teachers, educators and storytellers.

45 minute workshop & humorous instructional.

Outline and Program Description:

A mic is simply a speaking tool. It is AMPLIFIED SOUND. (emphasis added) But a lot of folk have a phobia about using it, so this workshop dispells the fear through educational familiarity. We will see examples of what not to do, then learn techniques for proper use in public speaking. We’ll deal with feedback, learn how a mic works and see which type of mics work for different venues. There’s different ways to hold a mic, gangsta, rock star, presenter, presidential, etc. We’ll even cover the most confusing and intimidating device on the planet: A MIC STAND!

(Note: Knowing how to use a mic helps overcome stage fright.)

(Mainly because you can now overpower the audience! Mwa ha ha!)

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