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Charlie Williams is better known as ‘The Noiseguy’ to thousands of children across the country.  He is a vocal sound impressionist who can imitate the sound of planes, trains, automobiles and much, much more! This talented performer is also a kids’ comedian, author, illustrator and onomatopoet.  A former children’s librarian, Williams travels the country introducing noise into all his stories.  He encourages even the most reluctant reader to make noise when they’re reading!

Just exactly what does he do?  Williams doesn’t just say the words ‘Crash’, ‘Boom’ or ‘Growl’, when he’s telling a story.  He imitates the sound.  Charlie uses onomatopoeia – a vocal imitation of an actual word.  Children and parents alike are enthralled by his delivery.

Williams has been featured in the Seattle Times as well as having appearances on Evening Magazine, NPR, Fox 13, KOMO 4 and other media across the country.  His book and antics have been hailed by noteworthy authors, Margaret Read MacDonald, Nancy Pearl and Jim TreleaseGene Ambaum, writer of the popular comic strip, ‘Unshelved’, says he and his family have been laughing at Charlie’s shows for years!

While education is no laughing matter, The Noiseguy encourages kids to laugh at everyday annoyances because humor is an important life skill.  He believes “the family that makes noise together is a family that enjoys together”.  He also brings his message as an educational component to librarians and storytellers as a way to increase audience participation and satisfaction.  No matter the age of his audience, everyone walks away having learned how to enhance story telling.

Comfortable with an international audience, he has also successfully toured Australia twice in the last couple of years.  His presentations at conferences, libraries, book stores, schools and comedy clubs span over 20 years.  He was most recently sought out by WaterAid America (affiliate of WaterAid International), in which he donated the creation of an online comic book to promote good hygiene and sanitation among children.

Williams’ first book, Flush! An Ode to Toilets is a fun picture book about the sound of a variety of toilets.  The comic illustrations depict high-tech toilets, airplane toilets, supermarket toilets and more.  You won’t be able to read it without a giggle or two (or three).  Incidentally, this book was featured on the new technology, Surface, by the Microsoft Corporation. (Which is now an antique at 2 years ago)

Charlie Williams resides near Seattle, Washington. He’s worked as a DJ, a cartoonist, a children’s librarian and a dishwasher.  A funny dishwasher.  Williams’ newest CD, Sugar Frosted Noisy Tales is – ‘Naturally sweetened kids stories’! Ingredients include crazy kid comedy, parody, imagination, silliness and …it’s also a little goofy.


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