Charlie’s Story

chazintazCharles Preston Williams has been making noise in schools and libraries since he was a kid. He’s worked as a DJ, MC, Cartoonist, Kids Comedian, Children’s Librarian and Dancing Air Balloon Sky-Guy in front of a car dealership.

He published his first book “Flush, An Ode to Toilets” in 2006. He is now the vocal foley effect artist for Sound Safari Theater, an audio company that produces children’s albums and educational programs about Onomatopoeia.

In other words, he writes, illustrates and performs funny kids stories.

flyIt all started when Charlie was kicked out of a low-flying alien spacecraft. Here he is falling safely into the arms of the Williams household.

The year: 1967. The Summer of Love.

He was raised in St. Petersburg and became the poster boy for the Florida Edyookayshunal Sistumm.




Then in 1978, he was officially banned from the library due to his noisy nature. He was just reading outloud.

young charlie

The courts ruled in favor of the first amendment (freedom of speech) -even though he was “speaking” like a chainsaw.

Here he is during a parent teacher conference.








1988 saw Charlie performing his imitations at the Funnybone Comedy Club in St.

Here he is imitating a human being.

His therapist insisted that applause only encouraged his misguided behavior.

in 1995 in a bizarre, Karmic, twist of fate, he began working in a Wyoming library that has asked to remain anonymous.

Here he is with the staff, performing the controversial “Wattle Warbles.”



…much to the irritation of boring authors and pompous storytellers everywhere, he has written and performed noisy tales around the world.


He has recorded 8 albums of stories and published 4 books.


“Noisy Tales” 2001

“Seasoned Greetings” 2002

“The Decline of Westurn Sivalizashun”*

“Crogs and Frickets”*

Immanuel Kant but Charlie Can!”*


“Tao Te Boing”*

“Sugar Frosted Noisy Tales” 2008

* Touch Tone Tales Package 2005


“No Services, Next Exit 140 Miles” 1997

“Don’t Feed the Vultures” 1998

“Flush! An Ode to Toilets” 2006

“Goodnight Baboon” 2010


Here is a real life deficeincy report from the 9th grade. Click to enlarge.

Then go “ooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!” Like the kids do in a lunchroom when someone drops their tray.


Hey, everybody get’s in trouble now and then. Nobody’s perfect!

Ask your parents what kind of trouble they got into and watch em squirm!


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