Fun with Amplified Sound!

GRADE RANGE: 3-6, 6-8.

In 1979, Charlie was using noises in school…. for evil!

Yes, he could imitate a drip to drive the teacher crazy.

He could imitate the school belltone and dismiss class early.

But he had to learn how to take a talent that put him in the principal’s office and do something productive with it.

Hear his stories of working in radio, doing video game sound effects, and being known as “the ambiance guy!”

Yes, you can indeed make a career out of ANYTHING.

His message of hope reaches “C” students (just like him) everywhere!

Topics covered: Journal writing, creative writing, public speaking, humor as a life skill.

Charlie’s favorite toy was a Mr. Microphone. You’ll see why he has so much fun with amplified sound!

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