Sound Coach!

How to make your own storytime sound effects.

Intended for children’s librarians, teachers, educators and storytellers. 60-90 minute activity workshop & slideshow with handouts provided.

Sound Coach is also a story show off the shelves of Charlie’s imagination.

Outline and Program Description:

sound coachweb


.Charlie Williams is your Sound Coach, here to get your larynxes into shape with some vocal aerobics. He provides education for librarians and other storytellers who would like to increase their audience attention and captivate them with the spoken word or a well placed “Boing.”

Real, live, language arts!

In this hands-on, tongue in cheek workshop, participants will learn the basics of making sounds for story times and other presentations. He will teach how to make noises of animals, machines, music and vehicles. The audience will learn about thematic values such as ambiance sounds and also how to vary your voices to enhance any public presentation. Start a spooky story with a squeaky door! Read “I Stink” with realistic garbage truck sounds! From chirps to explosions. From chainsaws to roars. We will learn an easy step-by-step procedure for imitating everyday sounds.

  • Learn 12 noises you already know how to make!
  • See the history of sound in comic books and movies!
  • Be instructed on how to take care of your throat before and after your storytimes!
  • Practice voice warm-ups and strengthening techniques!
  • Participate in a whistling workshop!

Topics also include onomatopoeia in reading, writing and speech. Idea development, journal writing, practice spots and evil pranks. We will focus on listening to the world around you and imitating it.

….OK, it’s also good “end of the conference” comic relief.

AV requirements: LCD projector and screen.

(He’ll bring his own laptop for the powerpoint presentation. (don’t panic, it’s not boring.))

He can present with or without a mic depending on audience size.

He has a nice sound system of his own, but if he is flying in, you’ll have to provide one.

No clip on mics, please! The slobber shorts them out!

Where has he done this?

Wyoming Library Association, Casper, WY 1996

North Dakota Library Association, Bismarck, ND 1997 (Beat that Eric,)

Mountain Plains Library Association, Big Sky, MT 1999

South Carolina Library Association, Charleston, SC 1999

Hawaii Library Association, Maui, HI 2001

Arizona Library Association, Phoenix, AZ 2002

WALE Conference, Lake Chelan, WA 2005

WLA/OLA Joint Conference, Vancouver, WA 2007

Allegheny County Sound Coach workshop, Munhall, PA 2010

PD Eastern Shore Regional Library System, MD, 2012

(Not to mention the reading conferences, and in-school service days!)

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