The Mimic Clinic

What is a mimic?

(verb) 1. to imitate or copy in action, speech, etc., often playfully or derisively.

to imitate (a person, a manner, etc), esp for satirical effect; to ape.

2a person or animal who mimics, especially a performer or parrot skilled in mimicking others.

Synonym: mock; impersonate; simulate, resemble.

Performer? Parrot? Ape? Mock? Now we got a show!!

Charlie the Noiseguy presents a show full of impressions, where kids and their families will laugh and learn to make noise and voice imitations, and how to put them into reading, writing, speech and best-of-all…. PRANKS!

To be a professional MIMIC you must be a good listener and have a good sense of humor. A mimic can imitate family members and family pets! A mimic can imitate everyday sounds. From chirping birds to armpit noises. A mimic can take a sound, imitate it and make fun of it! Humor is a life skill. (and let’s face it, these days it’s all we have!)

We start off discussing what a mimic is and why he does it. Then we go into people/celebrity impersonations, accents and speech patterns. Then we discuss onomatopoeia (which is how we break down and “speak” the noises) and then cover an A-Z noise list. Finally we act out body animation and facial expressions, then put the sarcasm disclaimer in- how not to get in trouble with it, or taking it “too far”! Ha ha!

Sounds are all around us, everywhere, everyday. Charlie is a human parrot capable of imitation and mocking! Hear planes, trains and automobiles, flushes, shushes and sneezes! Noisy fun from a guy with a doctorate in Onomatopoeia! You won’t believe your ears!

A mimic can also take a nice picture and make fun of it too!

mimic c

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