The Noisy Adventures of MIGHTY MOUTH!

Listen! Out in the library! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Mighty Mouth!

Yes, Mighty Mouth! Incredible sound-effect generator and imitator! His secret identity is Charlie Williams, mild mannered library contractor. But when there are stories to be fabricated and soundtracks to be forged, he transforms into that marvelous wielder of onomatopoeia… MIGHTY MOUTH!
(a Quinn Martin Production)

Charlie’s amazing journey began when he was touring a Nuclear Powered Aviary back in the 1970’s. Bitten by a radioactive African Grey Parrot, he soon discovered strange new powers! He could eat with his feet, he really, Really, REALLY liked crackers and he could imitate any sound he heard! Watch and share in the fun as you also discover how “great power comes with great responsibility.”
(Cliche Productions Ltd.)

Warning: Rowdy with underlying sarcasm. Not for the auditorially squeamish. You will be asked to make some noise and be very silly. A sense of humor is advised.

mighty mouth

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