A Reading Relay Readathon

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Readin’ at the Speed of Sound!

Charlie Williams speaks fluent onomatopoeia and coaches young readers to use a more meaningful form of expression when reading outloud. We will exercise our throats and minds when building this story show. Your voice is an instrument and adds character, action and special effects to your stories. Exercises include: Intensive mimic clinic, imitation projection, shot POITS, word lifts, tongue laps, and most of all ….timing… (when and WHERE to practice being noisy!)


During each show we’ll review several fairy tales & picture books, various onomatopoetry and cacofunnies, using small motor skill doodles each patron can build their own personal library. (state funding not included 🙂

Sound safari tours and vocal expo.

We’ll do a speed reading triathlon. Verb vaulting. Tongue Twisters. Vocal gymnastics and a sound effect slalom.

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An Olympian Reader’s Theater, using storyboards, sound effects and audience members, we will compete in a reading relay. The show starts with vocal warm ups and exercises using mime as an expression technique. With a large screen picture-book teleprompter, (screen and short throw projector) this comedic collaborative story show will illustrate and animate several historical tales. Stories included: The Tortoise and the Hare, The Great Race, and a choose your own adventure fairy tale. The program uses volunteers as stage actors & soundtrackers, while the group as an audience will provide sound effect ambiance.

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Attendees will learn: Artistic self expression, the science of sound, onomatopoetic usage in speech and writing, a funny face workshop and how to speak softly and carry a big shtick!


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Toys on loan from private collection.

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