Free Stuff

Enjoy these downloadable free MP3’s of live recordings during school assembly comedy.
Or studio stories and songs. (from CD and radio vignettes)

Follow the links below, listen or download! It takes you to Mediafire. Click the “listen” button to open a player in your browser. Click the “download” button to save to your computer. Holler if you have problems, I am testing out their service!

The Hog Wild Comedy Hour!

These are recordings from a live show at Medina Elementary school. 4rth Grade students enjoy the rowdy kid comedy!

Sneeze Whiz Intro

Siesta Fiesta Commercial

Medieval Playgrounds

Noisy Tales!

A few free MP3s from my album lineup. Listen or download!


The Brementown Musicians

Jack and the Beanstalk

Billy Bobs Truck Drivin’ College commercial

Flush! An Ode to Toilets

Goldilox 2000

Sir George and the Dragon

The Cookie-Lau Song

The Legend of the Scairdy-Cat Sheriff

Sound Safari Theater

These studio sessions were used for the library’s dial in story line via Touch Tone Tales! They are short vignettes -for a quick and easy listen.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

The Secret Life of Walter’s Kitty

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Old MacDonalds Farm

How to Clean your Room

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Are the links working? If not holler and email me at

Would you rather watch me doing funny stuff in videos? Click here!

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