The SRP for 2017 is “Build a better World.”



A haunted house. A submarine’s PING. A penguin party. A Jurassic lark. Join Charlie the Noiseguy in the rumpus room of his 4 story building! Bring your imagination and help with the fabrication. You’ll be floored!

There will be toys and noise. Dueling doodles. Suspend disbelief at his vocal impressions in an atmosphere of fun! Audio/visual, propped up!

Charlie Williams, is the Noiseguy, lord of the microphone. He is and adds a sonic character to reading, stories and animotion. (ha ha animation) His sounds have been used for radio ads, TV commercials, cartoons and video games. He speaks fluent onomatopoeia and teaches kids to real out-LOUD.

Dig deeper. What is a soundscape anyway?!


Join Noiseguy in his 4 story building! There will be Noise and toys, doodles by design, a fun fabrication. You’ll be floored!

Charlie’s show is DIY propped up! He paints cardboard boxes to look like cars, trains and planes. He is the lord of the microphone and speaks fluent onomatopoeia. Come see how to design your craft, laugh at his organic comedy and free range imagination. Be loud and proud.

alternate description:

Soundscapes. Arts with craft. Hammer-time. Find a path, or make one.
When Charlie Williams constructs his 4 story building with props and toys, cartoons and noise, you’ll discover a fracas of fabrication. It’s a sound safari of organic comedy and free range imagination. Be loud and proud! Noise oriented program for all ages, ear muffs optional. Truly a wall of sound!


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