Mouse Party! a Carnivolé.

Presented by: Charlie & Melody Williams.


Music, sounds, silliness and mice. Alliteration not included. A puppet show of vole vignettes!

mouse party working



Program description: 3 nutty bunnies are having a party in the library. Rabbits, mice and all their puppet friends present a performance of tunes, tales and tutelage. See a rodent recital of the 3 Little Mice Fluff. Listen to a mouse sing opera, yodel for Swiss cheese and beatbox a moused rap. Learn how to talk with your hands, make some noise and sing!

Performance Space Requirements: (Meeting Room) It’s a line-of-sight stage, considerations taken for seating, sound and lighting. Talking puppets, we’ll get early to setup and build the room along with the portable stage.

What will kids learn? Wordplay, spoken and written. dexterity, with fingerplay and vocabulary, Word building and sounding it out.

To book a program contact: Charlie Williams

Phone Number: 425 606 7589



Watch the cartoon video that started it all!


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