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Charles Williams
15705 115th Ave sw.
Vashon, wa 98070
Cell: 425.606.7589

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In a nutshell: Cracked.
My first stage performances and experience with animation were in high school. I was invited to do voice-over work at KHTR FM then hired by an animation studio (Philo Films) that produced the display boards for the St. Louis Cardinals.
Combining my love of theater arts and education, I created interactive, animated presentations based on (STEM) units of education requested by educators across the US, Canada and Australia. I enjoyed exploring the diversity of communities and sought to offer programs of creative, engaging, onomatopoetic and comic ideas. I’m happy to report that laughter unites us.

Career Snapshot: Chakisssht!
It’s confaaaaabulous!
4 years job experience as a Library tech.
• 4 years job experience as a Teacher’s Aide.
• 20 years experience as Curriculum & Technology Specialist. Worked for libraries and schools, producing and performing content as a multi-media edu-tainer.
It’s funny that Media Specialist is a thing of yesteryear. Remember when they were called School Librarians?
~Reliable, dynamic, courteous and productive.
(and not overly self promotional. (except in here.))
• Produced & Published several children’s audio stories and books.
• Designed, produced and animated video promotional spots for various nonprofit
• Live theater, author, comedian, puppeteer, graphic design, animation and voice-over in work history.

Philosophy: Is the talk on a cereal box.
“My passion is education; I enjoy showing students that art, creativity, humor and curiosity never end! Be genuine, be instructive, be funny. Staff, students and patrons relate with a smile.”

Computer Skills: Click and Dragon
Adobe: InDesign, Flash, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator.
Articulate Storyline 2, Electric Boogaloo. Donkey Kong. MS Office: Word, Outlook
and Excel. Korg mobile recording high
The 70’s arcades were great, right?

WORK HISTORY:  linked in   ~CLINK!
1995-1998? Children’s Assistant, (LTA) Wyoming Libraries, Casper, & Rawlins.
     Children’s circulation desk. Checked out books, maintained collection, assisted young patrons with leisure, resource and informational queries on PAC’s and Internet. Planned, organized and performed children’s programs. Included outreach work with community associations, bookmobile, public appearances and online media.

1994-1996?     DJ, KRAL- KIQZ Radio, Rawlins WY.
1997-Present  Tour guide, Sound Safari Theater.
1993-1994     Teacher’s Aide, Highland Early Learning Center, Denver, CO.
1989-1993     MC, Comedian, Funnybone Comedy Club Circuit, St. Louis, MO.
Feature performer for comedy club circuit across the Midwest.
1989-1991     Teachers Aide, McDonnell Douglas McCare Center, St. Louis, MO.

EDUCATION: I learnt goodly things
University of Missouri, St. Louis.
Early Childhood Education
Tampa Technical Institute. FL.
AA in Visual Communications Design
School of Hard Knocks,
Gangsta Rapport, Wordplay Grounds.
University of Washington, Seattle.
E-Learning Design and Development.cert

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Down to the Nitty Gritty

Key skills open doors.
Public Services Assistant and Multimedia Presenter

• Develop children’s programs and services according to school themes.
• Write, design and build multi-media promotional materials.
• Confer with educators to identify educational topics and build coinciding content.
• Perform and entertain audiences using original scripts, comedy, storyboards, or stage props.
• Present conference workshops for educators, students, librarians, teens and parents.
Professional Experience Multi-media Edu-tainer
• Performed family friendly literacy shows as “the Noiseguy”, a vocal sound impressionist and kids comedian in venues across the United States, Canada and Australia.
Children’s LTA, Natrona County Library, WY.
PSA job duties and LTA skills. Planned, performed and organized children’s programs. Assisted patrons with information searches. Implemented, facilitated community outreach programs.


Author and Illustrator
• Wrote, illustrated and published Flush! An Ode to Toilets. A children’s picture book about the sounds of flushing toilets. Articles in Storytelling magazine.
Recording Artist
• Published three albums of children’s noisy tales and five albums of mini stories and songs for Touch Tone Tales, a call-in library story service.
• Designed animations for World Toilet Day, Sponsored by WaterAid, London. Animated mini-series for ADRA Canada. St. Louis Cardinals’ video scoreboard, Busch Stadium, MO. • Produced promotional presentations and dvds for the King County Library System for 8 years, utilizing live-action video and flash animation.

Wyoming Trucker Association. Member of APAP. Pledged fraternity: Beta Cro Magnon

Deborah A. Schneider, Programming Coordinator, King County Library System
960 Newport Way Northwest, Issaquah, WA 98027. 425.369.3319
Amelia Shelley, Executive Director, Fort Vancouver Regional Library District,
1007 E Mill Plain Blvd, Vancouver, WA. 98663 360.906.5011
Jerry Jones, Youth Services Manager, Natrona County Public Library
307 East 2nd Street. Casper, WY 82601       307-237-4935, ext. 129
•Andrea Hynes, Teacher Librarian, Graham Elementary School, Graham, WA 98338.


I just received my certificate in e-learning design and development. El-D&D.
We did not use an avatar. This is for E learning design and development. Or simply put, mobile learning. I presented my practicum this past June and I did have to defend my dissertation with a foam sword.
I am specifically interested in the academic curriculum applications rather than the industry training. Kids of all ages agree I am star of stage and screen. I am proud to say my ego is humbled by it’s size.
I believe that courses should be designed in the style of a Choose Your Own Adventure, just like life! Authentic and honest, curious yet cautious, alert and aware. Be prepared! Sal oot!

E-Learning Design and Development capstone project, June 2017.

Playing with Multimedia class project

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Training and Promotional animations

Summer Reading Program PR

How to Use the Library Catalog KCLS training film, all ages.

Summer Reading 2009 Be Creative

WaterAid International series

Adventures of superToilet 2, Deja Poo!

The Adventures of Supertoilet! WaterAid America

Turbo Granny! ADRA Canada.

What do you think? Leave a reply in the message box below.
~Be awesome!


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