Well, shut my mouth!

shut my mouth

Hi! I’m putting the dumb in idiom! This is a retrospect in hindsight.

Officially my first time on stage doing noises, was in the 9th grade. 1982. I did sounds for a talent show at Prin! I loved using a BIG sound system and that train sounded real!

I practiced noises in school! Here’s proof.

def rep

In 11th grade my friends and I entered a teen talent competition and were finalists at the Fabulous Fox Theater in St Louis.

teen talent

Here is the video!!

For the last 20 years I have been working in schools, libraries and festivals across the US, Canada and Australia! (Me onstage for a July 4rth festival on the Mall, in DC!)

charlie onstage, dc

chaz in aus2




I loved the audiences and meeting new friends. But being my own boss was tough, I had to fire myself a few times and managing the open field of creativity was a trial!

Well, my brain is under new management and the days of being right side dominant are past. Left side rules the roost now, which is kinda like having Spock in charge of the Enterprise.
It is a different style. Funny, safe but definitely otherworldly.

Don’t worry this is not a “SUBSCRIBE NOW” sales pitch. I’m sure you are like me (I know I am!) and you smell ssssssales lingo a mile away.  This is just my story.
I like LIVE shows, in person where I can see faces. Not the ego of having a camera on MEEEE. (altho I am part Blorg!) Love the Mic! (as a tool heh heh)







I started off in the Funnybone comedy club in Westport, St Louis, back in 1988.

comedyyI had only recently graduated from High School!coverarange

I remember being so nervous to actually speak. I used to do a set of just noises in the form of a comedy story.

A old car making noises and racing a train.


At the time I was going to UMSL for ~early childhood, ~art and ~hard knocks.
Here’s the 62 Bel air Chevy my vignette was based on.

1988 st louis chevy belair

I started working at McCare, a preschool for McDonnell Douglass. This is where I started working the comedy, sounds and stories into kid friendly story-times. Then in Wyoming, I started working at the public library. I got to do story-times and lend a hand with books, I loved it!

thanksgiving library

From there I started doing programs for schools and libraries across the ‘ol West. Then the South, Midwest, then the South-East Upper Mid West.

Creativity was fun, I would write content when the mood hit and stare out the window and dream. But now, logic is kind and the content is written in reverse, I must have the objectives lined up before I launch a vignette, story or book.


I also see that having my own job and being free range Charlie is great for self expression, but I ran my life arc in reverse. Most folk get a steady job first, then they seek a career change into self expression. I am doing that backwards too. For 30 years (I include comedy and side jobs as I was working as a waiter, in produce, in preschools and libraries) I did whatever I wanted to do. Now I must do what I have to do. Balance?!

Well I published a compendium of cartoon strips that ran in the state paper in Wyoming. I taught cartoon strip creation and I’m still drawing.

It’s better to burn out than fade away? Well how about both? How about burning brightly, then doing a fade out on the coda? LOL

Neenerr neenerr neeah-nerrr

wi press

I toured libraries and schools in Australia and Canada and 49 of the 50 states. Nowadays I am a freight damaged Noiseguy, slightly used but the mileage sure shows. My random, case-by-case shows are labeled “As Is.”


Funny in my own state! (of mind)

a sst logo bw copy

Und now….. an explanation of hobby trails and avails. ?=!

sortie ?=!

Show biz. It’s like a hobby OK? ~Not like commercial art/fine art debate. The ol safety net of viability below the trapeze act. We he fall or astound us all? Let’s watch and see!!

This country has an entertainment addiction. It’s dangerous, it’s a facade. A distraction.

From Lincolns assassination at the theater, (watch yer back in postwar days!) to the US watching Kennedy’s assassination over and over again, (really? the top down in Texas? what was he thinkin’?) we love the gladiator drama. Fear and wonder, a powerful combination. (movie ref, ahoy!)

Commercial art if working your craft into the status quo, fine art is when you specify on your craft but need a Miss Havisham type sponsor. (FWOOF!) Commercial artists are considered “sell-outs” and fine artists are considered “snobs”. I think both are funny and need to work together! Here’s how:

You need a base of operations. Like an aircraft carrier. It’s where you eat, sleep and train. It has power and light and is HUGE yet mobile. A sortie is a mission, an activity strike. But the jet and the purpose of the sortie are tied in with the base of operations.

Why it’s important to prioritize on the job. You know the adage measure twice, cut once? It’s the same with concepts and communication. Think twice, speak once. On the job you must behave. You think of what you’d like to say and you vent on your break. That 15 minute window summarizes up the whole day.

Life, creativity, work.  A home base to send sorties from. Creativity is on the job, when you are workin’ for “the man” there’s a subtext scrolling across your mind. Plus, pulling pranks at work is a good way to subvert other peoples cognizance. I like to be like the pirates of cognizance. We work hard enough to not get fired but just enough to get paid. Why not? It’s my milieu. You live life, multitask your brain, plan for the cavorting that you do on the free range field. Now get back to the work farm.


~Doodles of campers I observed in the kitchen while I was coloring boards at a table. Art observances.

Pranks make people snap to. Wake up. It’s our duty as citizens to keep people on their toes. A balance between hyper nation and hibernation.

That job is zen in it’s task. Creativity ad hoc. You gotta set your alarm, shower and make yourself presentable. Whats more zen than hygiene? Help people with your version of customer service. Work is like going to church when you were a kid. Get all dressed up in uncomfortable, itchy clothes. Smile nice, listen politely then get home, get into shorts and get your toys into the backyard mud pit.

The shower is the essence of creativity. You are in there to get clean and that H2O activates the creative side of your brain. You are busy scrubbing bubbles and singing a soap opera. You are miles away in a blue lagoon and your imagination powers up! Work is like a mental shower. Think of what someone said at work and what you shoulda said. Options in motion.

Break, tell stories, say it, vent, breathe, rejuvenate. High tide low tide! It’s lunar and looney.  VOLCANO MOON ORBIT ARTWORK



Keep it in perspective, that rock star dream of when you were an optimistic kid. I am gonna do what I want and make that cash, oh yeah. Well it is still work, there is always work. Always something to do. Thank goodness boredom is an abyss.

It’s harder to look busy than actually be busy. Be your own boss? I’ve fired myself repeatedly. I even sued myself once for harassment. I settled out of court. The racquetball court.

Bye ya’ll! It’s been real!!
(or has it? Dr. Tesla curse yoooooou!)




One thought on “Well, shut my mouth!

  1. Hey Charlie, it’s me Waldo. Just wondering how you were doing so I looked you up. Couldn’t find you on FB so I googled you (can’t help it that sounds dirty). Anyway hello old friend it’s good to see you’re still making people laugh. Miss big butte.

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