The Jest of the Story


Audio Visual Storytelling using foley, mouth-sounds, comedy and cartoons.

chazinausjanCharlie Williams is scene and heard!

Don’t know much about history? Each vignette is a few minutes long and the audience helps build the ambience. Fun for the whole family!


Commercial parodies of Bose radios and Truck Driving school, Charlie has a background in radio and was inspired by Paul Harvey’s the “Rest of the Story.” Kids may not remember or know PH, but Charlie does a great imitation of him- and also sounds like the gopher from Winnie the Pooh.

Which is the Loudest cloud? What was the first man made invention to break the sound barrier? Lewis and Clark never had a disagreement -or did they?
Don’t google the answer! Watch, laugh and learn.

Did you know… Cats not only keep your feet warm in bed and act as a great doorstop; they also give you a workout lifting them up.

summer 09 robert cat orange beach

Also.. Did you know…

That spooky, scratchy sound at night coming from outside…

21 scritching

..sounds like a grave digger… is your friends house haunted?

22 digger

No, it is the cat in the litter box. And now you know the jest of the story!!

23 cat scratch fever


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