Color swatches

This started out as a posting of color swatches
but degenerated into a snarky history
of entertainment addiction.

Back a long time ago, when the internet was young, DOS was king. I remember it when I was in High school in the early 80’s and I used old floppy disks in the early 90’s in the library. It all ended in 2000. Back when the screens were still blue, the big question was, “how can the internet (information superhighway) sustain itself?”
Over the years the age old question was answered with the age old answer.
Money. Ads. Sales.
All media struggles with this. Radio, TV, movies and free information are in the same pile.

The “internet” started as file sharing originally. Then there was Napster, Myspace and Youtube. Early youtube was just people messing around with their camera and uploading it. Now it’s about creating subscription addiction and revenue with pop up ads. You can’t go anywhere with a barrage of advertisements -aimed at your likes and viewing history- assaulting you. Me too, internet? Really?

You could be on a beach and distant sirens wail. Is it a tsunami? An accident? Google it.
On the tsunami warning webpage, the page is slow to load (onto your device) because of the ads. Toonami, Tsunami Sushi Menu, Tsunami 2004 videos. The info is buried, as you will soon be.

Well, boring as all that is, it’s the way of the world, so here is some ad free stuff.
Color swatches. It was hard to find, without liking, subscribing, purchasing, following, lurking, bla bla bla. Yet I noticed that the page that had the best images and information asked you to buy the pdfs. Yet the images on their site were photo-shopped to color out the watermarks. Stolen, copyright infringement, bla bla. I’ve had my content lifted so many times, I quit posting my own creations. Privacy settings cannot hold a candle to copyright violations. What’s private anymore anyway?

So that being said, enjoy the free color wheels, swatches, names and meanings.

ct2 stolen



cw2 copy



Color names







orange n

orange copy


pink copy

red n



yellow ns


Color Meanings



brownm 2





red m

violet mn

yellow m

One last thought, my screen addicted friends. It’s not the technology’s fault, or the sites that deliver to our devices like dealers, it’s our desire to be entertained as human beings.

Supply>demand or Supply<demand?

Books. The first clay tablet was crafted beyond 2700 BC.
Newspapers. The first Boston Newsletter, 1704 AD.

The first calendar? The Traditional Chinese calendar was developed around 750 BC and when they were looking for clues in the sky, tracked the stars and noticed the procession into a zodiac calendar. The Mayan’s calendar started in the 5th century BC. Then Rome started keeping track of the days and the lunar cycles. The Julian calendar, first implemented by Julius Caesar in 46 B.C.
Some say the Egyptians built the pyramids & Sphinx as a calendar marker, during the age of Leo, to announce themselves in time. Somewhere in 2000-4000 BC? (the flood damage on the sphinx threw a lot of em off)
In 1582 Pope Gregory XIII crafted his Gregorian calendar but they have to squeeze in an extra day every 4 years just to make the math work. Yawn.

But does anyone really know what time it is? Does anybody really care?

The first theatrical plays of Dionysus Theater in Acropolis in the 5th century.  (Comedy, tragedy and Satyr) (Satyr for satire: picture Jon Stewart in a toga.)

The first music concert was a beta-symphony, based on Greek Symphonia- “an agreement of sound.” Mozart’s musical joke. Was an early form of musical comedy.
Shakespeare upsetting the popular play structure of the day, -Tudor morality plays, with Henry VI, Part 2, Electric Boogaloo in 1590.
Radio. Invented 1899 to send signals across the British channel, The US started doing news, music and shows. On Christmas eve 1906.
“Goodnight America and all the ships at sea.” The first sentiment broadcast.
Then came Hollywood. 1914.
the first “moving picture” was The Great Train Robbery, in 1903.

By 1905 we had Nickelodeons.

By 1910 big productions were underway and by 1919 Hollywood had built, expanded and owned many American Cinemas. Kinda like how the Wright Bros first flight was in 1903 and by 1911 we were throwing bombs from them during the Italo-Turkish war.

Music. In the 1700’s concertos had to be noisy to keep the rabble’s attention, Just ask Mozart and Wagner. The music had to grab you and hold you. Classic concerts are quiet nowadays.  Records, cylinders, tapes, CDs, downloads, subscriptions. Before there were records, there were wax cylinders. For recording and listening! Kind of like concert in a can.

Fact is we are hopelessly addicted to entertainment.
From Plato publishing his Socratic dialogues in 4BC to get more “likes,” and employing the first form of plagiarism,
to Jesus’ Sermon on the mount, being misquoted in Matthew’s version from Luke. (who was partying hard the night before. Physicians! oy.)
General Custer posing for pictures before the big battles and yearning for media popularity, to Thomas Nast’s cartoons bringing down Boss Tweed.
Lincoln being assassinated in a theater, by an actor, to the USA playing the Zapruder film over and over, in slow motion to see when Kennedy actually was killed.

We elected an actor as president and we now have one who tweets every thought in his head.

Texting while driving is illegal, altho car-phones were celebrated as “communication mobility” in 1982.

All this summed up by you, sitting there reading this, just like I, ignoring the nice weather outside, typed this up in a total waste of time. Well, I was amused!
Thankee for your support and remember to buy war bonds where you bank or work.



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