Well, shut my mouth!

shut my mouth

Hi! I’m putting the dumb in idiom! This is a retrospect in hindsight.

Officially my first time on stage doing noises, was in the 9th grade. 1982. I did sounds for a talent show at Prin! I loved using a BIG sound system and that train sounded real!

I practiced noises in school! Here’s proof.

def rep

In 11th grade my friends and I entered a teen talent competition and were finalists at the Fabulous Fox Theater in St Louis.

teen talent

Here is the video!!

For the last 20 years I have been working in schools, libraries and festivals across the US, Canada and Australia! (Me onstage for a July 4rth festival on the Mall, in DC!)

charlie onstage, dc

chaz in aus2




I loved the audiences and meeting new friends. But being my own boss was tough, I had to fire myself a few times and managing the open field of creativity was a trial!

Well, my brain is under new management and the days of being right side dominant are past. Left side rules the roost now, which is kinda like having Spock in charge of the Enterprise.
It is a different style. Funny, safe but definitely otherworldly.

Don’t worry this is not a “SUBSCRIBE NOW” sales pitch. I’m sure you are like me (I know I am!) and you smell ssssssales lingo a mile away.  This is just my story.
I like LIVE shows, in person where I can see faces. Not the ego of having a camera on MEEEE. (altho I am part Blorg!) Love the Mic! (as a tool heh heh)







I started off in the Funnybone comedy club in Westport, St Louis, back in 1988.

comedyyI had only recently graduated from High School!coverarange

I remember being so nervous to actually speak. I used to do a set of just noises in the form of a comedy story.

A old car making noises and racing a train.


At the time I was going to UMSL for ~early childhood, ~art and ~hard knocks.
Here’s the 62 Bel air Chevy my vignette was based on.

1988 st louis chevy belair

I started working at McCare, a preschool for McDonnell Douglass. This is where I started working the comedy, sounds and stories into kid friendly story-times. Then in Wyoming, I started working at the public library. I got to do story-times and lend a hand with books, I loved it!

thanksgiving library

From there I started doing programs for schools and libraries across the ‘ol West. Then the South, Midwest, then the South-East Upper Mid West.

Creativity was fun, I would write content when the mood hit and stare out the window and dream. But now, logic is kind and the content is written in reverse, I must have the objectives lined up before I launch a vignette, story or book.


I also see that having my own job and being free range Charlie is great for self expression, but I ran my life arc in reverse. Most folk get a steady job first, then they seek a career change into self expression. I am doing that backwards too. For 30 years (I include comedy and side jobs as I was working as a waiter, in produce, in preschools and libraries) I did whatever I wanted to do. Now I must do what I have to do. Balance?!

Well I published a compendium of cartoon strips that ran in the state paper in Wyoming. I taught cartoon strip creation and I’m still drawing.

It’s better to burn out than fade away? Well how about both? How about burning brightly, then doing a fade out on the coda? LOL

Neenerr neenerr neeah-nerrr

wi press

I toured libraries and schools in Australia and Canada and 49 of the 50 states. Nowadays I am a freight damaged Noiseguy, slightly used but the mileage sure shows. My random, case-by-case shows are labeled “As Is.”


Funny in my own state! (of mind)

a sst logo bw copy

Und now….. an explanation of hobby trails and avails. ?=!

sortie ?=!

Show biz. It’s like a hobby OK? ~Not like commercial art/fine art debate. The ol safety net of viability below the trapeze act. We he fall or astound us all? Let’s watch and see!!

This country has an entertainment addiction. It’s dangerous, it’s a facade. A distraction.

From Lincolns assassination at the theater, (watch yer back in postwar days!) to the US watching Kennedy’s assassination over and over again, (really? the top down in Texas? what was he thinkin’?) we love the gladiator drama. Fear and wonder, a powerful combination. (movie ref, ahoy!)

Commercial art if working your craft into the status quo, fine art is when you specify on your craft but need a Miss Havisham type sponsor. (FWOOF!) Commercial artists are considered “sell-outs” and fine artists are considered “snobs”. I think both are funny and need to work together! Here’s how:

You need a base of operations. Like an aircraft carrier. It’s where you eat, sleep and train. It has power and light and is HUGE yet mobile. A sortie is a mission, an activity strike. But the jet and the purpose of the sortie are tied in with the base of operations.

Why it’s important to prioritize on the job. You know the adage measure twice, cut once? It’s the same with concepts and communication. Think twice, speak once. On the job you must behave. You think of what you’d like to say and you vent on your break. That 15 minute window summarizes up the whole day.

Life, creativity, work.  A home base to send sorties from. Creativity is on the job, when you are workin’ for “the man” there’s a subtext scrolling across your mind. Plus, pulling pranks at work is a good way to subvert other peoples cognizance. I like to be like the pirates of cognizance. We work hard enough to not get fired but just enough to get paid. Why not? It’s my milieu. You live life, multitask your brain, plan for the cavorting that you do on the free range field. Now get back to the work farm.


~Doodles of campers I observed in the kitchen while I was coloring boards at a table. Art observances.

Pranks make people snap to. Wake up. It’s our duty as citizens to keep people on their toes. A balance between hyper nation and hibernation.

That job is zen in it’s task. Creativity ad hoc. You gotta set your alarm, shower and make yourself presentable. Whats more zen than hygiene? Help people with your version of customer service. Work is like going to church when you were a kid. Get all dressed up in uncomfortable, itchy clothes. Smile nice, listen politely then get home, get into shorts and get your toys into the backyard mud pit.

The shower is the essence of creativity. You are in there to get clean and that H2O activates the creative side of your brain. You are busy scrubbing bubbles and singing a soap opera. You are miles away in a blue lagoon and your imagination powers up! Work is like a mental shower. Think of what someone said at work and what you shoulda said. Options in motion.

Break, tell stories, say it, vent, breathe, rejuvenate. High tide low tide! It’s lunar and looney.  VOLCANO MOON ORBIT ARTWORK



Keep it in perspective, that rock star dream of when you were an optimistic kid. I am gonna do what I want and make that cash, oh yeah. Well it is still work, there is always work. Always something to do. Thank goodness boredom is an abyss.

It’s harder to look busy than actually be busy. Be your own boss? I’ve fired myself repeatedly. I even sued myself once for harassment. I settled out of court. The racquetball court.

Bye ya’ll! It’s been real!!
(or has it? Dr. Tesla curse yoooooou!)




Hurry Cane stories

No, not the sensational, yellow-journalism of “Storm Stories,” Geez.
Remember when the Weather Channel used to report just the weather? I guess all that soothing music and monotone NPR kinda voice-overs were boring. They left their format in the dust.
Kinda like how MTV used to run music videos? Well I guess reality-type, over-exaggerated, TV dramas sell far better. Gotta feed the need. OMG.
Oh and I bet many small towns in America think Jim Cantore is the angel of death.

angel of death

When I was a kid, Publix printed up hurricane tracker charts on the paper bags.
(ya’ll in the North, it’s pronounced “Pub Licks.”) We used them to track hurricanes in Cub Scouts, back when the National Hurricane Center used to report air pressure systems and fronts. You remember that– INFORMATION.
Before news went all kattywampus.
Flowing tears are used as a hook and I heard from the mouth of a TV reporter at KING 5: “If we don’t come back with video of someone crying, the segment producer gets snippy.”


We had radio broadcasts and updates in fact form only. Not all the speculation and projected bla-bla-bla that sound bytes have become.

The 1967 season was the only year during the period in which a storm did not affect the states. That was the year little Charlie was born. (Hurricane Charley was later)


In the period between 1975 and 1999, Hurricanes Eloise, David, and Opal hit Florida and the gulf coast region as major hurricanes.

Andrew was in 1992. Homestead, FLA took it the hardest! (I refuse to recognize the acronym FL)
Also there was the Storm of the century in 1992, an unpredictable night storm that caught everyone off guard and created middle-of-the-night flooding in New Port Richey. (where we lived!) Opal struck Bama 1995.

old house


hurry cane sugar.jpg

The strongest hurricane to hit Florida during the aughts was Hurricane Charley, which wound up being the strongest hurricane to strike the United States since Hurricane Andrew. Additionally, hurricanes Ivan, Jeanne, Dennis, Wilma, and Irma made landfall on the state as major hurricanes.

Charley hit FLA twice in 2004.
I did the same thing. Moved away to St Louis, then came back to do more damage.
Hey be careful what you name storms. (Like your pet names! Don’t name your cat “scratchy”)

Hurricane Elena, in August of 1985, moved into the gulf and then… just sat there
and kept us all high alert.
I was supposed to start my senior year at Prin in St Louis, but the entire gulf coast was on alert and flights were cancelled. We all waited for days as it sat churning, then moved one way, then doubled back. Some storm bands buffeted our house and I climbed a tree to feel the winds.
I also got to evacuate the house when they thought it was turning toward Florida.
I had 10 cats in the car.
Cats hate riding in a car -and hate water.
They experienced plenty of both and I experienced panicked scratches. (Scratchy!)
Picture a cat in the car while going thru a car wash! Well the storm didn’t hit us head one, it turned off and we got to go back home and I started school… late.


Hurricane Arlene was a popular hurricane name.
Kinda like Brittany for babies in the 90’s.

I was in bama for shows in 2005. That’s when the phantom storm brushed us. The shows went on, since nothing was really happening, all eyes watched the skies as clouds rushed by, I went to see the effects of the storm surge which was large waves splashing over the connector bridge. (on that road from Pensacola) I think I caught two waterspouts in my car as we watched the winds. I remember my car rocking!



Most hurricanes start as a tropical wave. An angry zephyr.
The North South direction is like a tropical trough, and hurricanes usually gravitate towards a low air pressure cycle. You know…
The butterfly in Africa flapping it’s wings etc etc. bla bla bla.
High pressure is like a mountain, low pressure is like a skateboard park for clouds. Fronts act as walls and can make a hurricane reverse or turn quickly.
I learned that from experience as a kid, not from a hyper weatherman groping for ratings.
Contrary to what “the forecast model” says, storms are still relatively unpredictable.
Even the Farmer’s Almanac is wrong sometimes.

Nature seems to be the only system without an algorithm.
Haven’t’ we figured that out yet? No? Need proof?
Look around, you’ll see that chaos theory everywhere. Especially in Wal-Mart.
Jeff Goldblum imitation here.

Our planet was once completely covered in Ice. And fire. And water! (in that Kevin Costner movie) Humanity has been here only a fraction of the time and we have no idea what low tide Earth would look like.

Coming soon: How to build own barometer, with a jar a balloon, a straw and a rubber band. I learned that in scouts. More later!


Cumulonimbus thunderhead in OK. (Tornado Alley)

Bunny Hunt

The first time I noticed I had a dad with an otherworldly sense of humor is when i went with him on a bunny hunt. It was 1976.

I was in cub scouts in those days and he had built a huge antenna in the backyard to transmit and tune in frequencies. He was a hammy ham operator! I built a tree-house up in it, like a deranged squirrel.
A bunny hunt is a game ham radio operators play, and the whole county is their game board. One person hides in their stationary vehicle anywhere in the city and broadcasts for 1 minute every 5 minutes, and everyone else must find them. They triangulate the position of the bunny, using giant antennas strapped to their cars. I think it was some kind of emergency preparedness practice, before the days of Geo-caching. (Ham operators also call it a fox hunt)
The goal: Triangulate the transmitter position!
Here is the tower of babbling.
tower of babble

Dad was quiet most of the time, so it was funny watching him build huge illegal contraptions on the roof of his car. he usually located the bunny first and got to be the bunny the next week. He was not content to broadcast in a parking lot or alley.

His most memorable stunt was dressing up as a elderly black man in a wheelchair, and secretly broadcasting under the blanket. all the hunters were unsure of how to approach him. I remember watching from the car, thinking -how elaborate- of a prank this was.

They said he was cheating being out of his car, but Dad pointed out a motorized wheelchair is a vehicle. So when they would stare blankly at him, he would cackle with delight.

fox hunt 2 pixelated2
He thought it was hilarious.

He was Hilarious, Larry for short.


When i got older and learned that this kind of behavior was considered erratic, i was very happy. I never wanted to be a normal person and it pleased me both ends to realize I had a nut in my family tree.

He liked to tinker, to find alternate bizarre ways of analyzing a situation. A different POV! And he liked to taking people along for the ride. It was a fun ride, and I am happy and proud to carry on the weird gene!

His old Ford Bronco?———————————————————->

PS: He was pulled over and warned by a park ranger in the Lime Mines of Florida. He was driving on the bouncy railroad tracks, straddling one track. He was also chasing white tailed deer; off road, speeding through the trees. All this with a car full of cub scouts.

ford bronco

Toy Wars!

A Star Wars Toy Story!

toy wars title

Charlie Williams, the Noiseguy brings his crate of classic and new Star Wars toys to re-enact a story wars trilogy, Toy Story style.

He brings lights and a camera to enhance the action. Star of stage and screen, charlie uses sound effects, and plenty of Sc-Fi material to bring the drama.

Readers theater may include Jedi Academy commercial,
the force hits the snooze button and yoda-ling.
Spoiler alert, Charlie is the last Jedediah!

45 mins long, the room may need to be semi dark, and setup takes a solid hour.

May the Fourth be with you folkth!!

Star Wars Reads Day


toy wars


start the wars



Resuming Askew

Charles Williams
15705 115th Ave sw.
Vashon, wa 98070
Cell: 425.606.7589

swirly Q


In a nutshell: Cracked.
My first stage performances and experience with animation were in high school. I was invited to do voice-over work at KHTR FM then hired by an animation studio (Philo Films) that produced the display boards for the St. Louis Cardinals.
Combining my love of theater arts and education, I created interactive, animated presentations based on (STEM) units of education requested by educators across the US, Canada and Australia. I enjoyed exploring the diversity of communities and sought to offer programs of creative, engaging, onomatopoetic and comic ideas. I’m happy to report that laughter unites us.

Career Snapshot: Chakisssht!
It’s confaaaaabulous!
4 years job experience as a Library tech.
• 4 years job experience as a Teacher’s Aide.
• 20 years experience as Curriculum & Technology Specialist. Worked for libraries and schools, producing and performing content as a multi-media edu-tainer.
It’s funny that Media Specialist is a thing of yesteryear. Remember when they were called School Librarians?
~Reliable, dynamic, courteous and productive.
(and not overly self promotional. (except in here.))
• Produced & Published several children’s audio stories and books.
• Designed, produced and animated video promotional spots for various nonprofit
• Live theater, author, comedian, puppeteer, graphic design, animation and voice-over in work history.

Philosophy: Is the talk on a cereal box.
“My passion is education; I enjoy showing students that art, creativity, humor and curiosity never end! Be genuine, be instructive, be funny. Staff, students and patrons relate with a smile.”

Computer Skills: Click and Dragon
Adobe: InDesign, Flash, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator.
Articulate Storyline 2, Electric Boogaloo. Donkey Kong. MS Office: Word, Outlook
and Excel. Korg mobile recording workstation.how high
The 70’s arcades were great, right?

WORK HISTORY:  linked in   ~CLINK!
1995-1998? Children’s Assistant, (LTA) Wyoming Libraries, Casper, & Rawlins.
     Children’s circulation desk. Checked out books, maintained collection, assisted young patrons with leisure, resource and informational queries on PAC’s and Internet. Planned, organized and performed children’s programs. Included outreach work with community associations, bookmobile, public appearances and online media.

1994-1996?     DJ, KRAL- KIQZ Radio, Rawlins WY.
1997-Present  Tour guide, Sound Safari Theater.
1993-1994     Teacher’s Aide, Highland Early Learning Center, Denver, CO.
1989-1993     MC, Comedian, Funnybone Comedy Club Circuit, St. Louis, MO.
Feature performer for comedy club circuit across the Midwest.
1989-1991     Teachers Aide, McDonnell Douglas McCare Center, St. Louis, MO.

EDUCATION: I learnt goodly things
University of Missouri, St. Louis.
Early Childhood Education
Tampa Technical Institute. FL.
AA in Visual Communications Design
School of Hard Knocks,
Gangsta Rapport, Wordplay Grounds.
University of Washington, Seattle.
E-Learning Design and Development.cert

border 1

Down to the Nitty Gritty

Key skills open doors.
Public Services Assistant and Multimedia Presenter

• Develop children’s programs and services according to school themes.
• Write, design and build multi-media promotional materials.
• Confer with educators to identify educational topics and build coinciding content.
• Perform and entertain audiences using original scripts, comedy, storyboards, or stage props.
• Present conference workshops for educators, students, librarians, teens and parents.
Professional Experience Multi-media Edu-tainer
• Performed family friendly literacy shows as “the Noiseguy”, a vocal sound impressionist and kids comedian in venues across the United States, Canada and Australia.
Children’s LTA, Natrona County Library, WY.
PSA job duties and LTA skills. Planned, performed and organized children’s programs. Assisted patrons with information searches. Implemented, facilitated community outreach programs.


Author and Illustrator
• Wrote, illustrated and published Flush! An Ode to Toilets. A children’s picture book about the sounds of flushing toilets. Articles in Storytelling magazine.
Recording Artist
• Published three albums of children’s noisy tales and five albums of mini stories and songs for Touch Tone Tales, a call-in library story service.
• Designed animations for World Toilet Day, Sponsored by WaterAid, London. Animated mini-series for ADRA Canada. St. Louis Cardinals’ video scoreboard, Busch Stadium, MO. • Produced promotional presentations and dvds for the King County Library System for 8 years, utilizing live-action video and flash animation.

Wyoming Trucker Association. Member of APAP. Pledged fraternity: Beta Cro Magnon

Deborah A. Schneider, Programming Coordinator, King County Library System
960 Newport Way Northwest, Issaquah, WA 98027. 425.369.3319
Amelia Shelley, Executive Director, Fort Vancouver Regional Library District,
1007 E Mill Plain Blvd, Vancouver, WA. 98663 360.906.5011
Jerry Jones, Youth Services Manager, Natrona County Public Library
307 East 2nd Street. Casper, WY 82601       307-237-4935, ext. 129
•Andrea Hynes, Teacher Librarian, Graham Elementary School, Graham, WA 98338.


I just received my certificate in e-learning design and development. El-D&D.
We did not use an avatar. This is for E learning design and development. Or simply put, mobile learning. I presented my practicum this past June and I did have to defend my dissertation with a foam sword.
I am specifically interested in the academic curriculum applications rather than the industry training. Kids of all ages agree I am star of stage and screen. I am proud to say my ego is humbled by it’s size.
I believe that courses should be designed in the style of a Choose Your Own Adventure, just like life! Authentic and honest, curious yet cautious, alert and aware. Be prepared! Sal oot!

E-Learning Design and Development capstone project, June 2017.

Playing with Multimedia class project

border 2

Training and Promotional animations

Summer Reading Program PR

How to Use the Library Catalog KCLS training film, all ages.

Summer Reading 2009 Be Creative

WaterAid International series

Adventures of superToilet 2, Deja Poo!

The Adventures of Supertoilet! WaterAid America

Turbo Granny! ADRA Canada.

What do you think? Leave a reply in the message box below.
~Be awesome!


Mouse Party! a Carnivolé.

Presented by: Charlie & Melody Williams.


Music, sounds, silliness and mice. Alliteration not included. A puppet show of vole vignettes!

mouse party working



Program description: 3 nutty bunnies are having a party in the library. Rabbits, mice and all their puppet friends present a performance of tunes, tales and tutelage. See a rodent recital of the 3 Little Mice Fluff. Listen to a mouse sing opera, yodel for Swiss cheese and beatbox a moused rap. Learn how to talk with your hands, make some noise and sing!

Performance Space Requirements: (Meeting Room) It’s a line-of-sight stage, considerations taken for seating, sound and lighting. Talking puppets, we’ll get early to setup and build the room along with the portable stage.

What will kids learn? Wordplay, spoken and written. dexterity, with fingerplay and vocabulary, Word building and sounding it out.

To book a program contact: Charlie Williams

Phone Number: 425 606 7589


Email: noiseguycw@gmail.com

Watch the cartoon video that started it all!


Thesaurus Rex!


Presented by: Chancy and Narly! Nancy Stewart and Charlie Williams

Program Description: Sweet songs meet nutty noises in this entertaining wordplay. What does a thunder lizard sound like? Enjoy the Five Little Diplodocus’s. Sing along with the noisy Dino ABC’s! Watch as little Thesaurus Rex, our archeological mascot, gets ready for school. Silly syllables and sizzling sibilants in a Phonological Phonemes party. Fun for the whole family, DINOSAURS! Dig it, baby!


What will kids learn? Wordplay with print awareness. Modality and edutainment. Participants will learn Homonyms by singing dinosaur scales. Scribble: a musical picture book improv and participants can join in during interactive Dino-yoga.

Programmer Availability: April and May

Yeah yeah, how much? $500 for multiples, 550 for a standalone, snowball them together and we pass the savings on to you.


charlie_198-copyBlue-19 copy.png

To book a program contact: Charlie Williams

Phone Number: 425 606 7589
Email: noiseguycw@gmail.com
Web site: http://www.noiseguy.com, http://www.nancymusic.com




Here’s the buzz!





The SRP for 2017 is “Build a better World.”



A haunted house. A submarine’s PING. A penguin party. A Jurassic lark. Join Charlie the Noiseguy in the rumpus room of his 4 story building! Bring your imagination and help with the fabrication. You’ll be floored!

There will be toys and noise. Dueling doodles. Suspend disbelief at his vocal impressions in an atmosphere of fun! Audio/visual, propped up!

Charlie Williams, is the Noiseguy, lord of the microphone. He is and adds a sonic character to reading, stories and animotion. (ha ha animation) His sounds have been used for radio ads, TV commercials, cartoons and video games. He speaks fluent onomatopoeia and teaches kids to real out-LOUD.

Dig deeper. What is a soundscape anyway?!


Join Noiseguy in his 4 story building! There will be Noise and toys, doodles by design, a fun fabrication. You’ll be floored!

Charlie’s show is DIY propped up! He paints cardboard boxes to look like cars, trains and planes. He is the lord of the microphone and speaks fluent onomatopoeia. Come see how to design your craft, laugh at his organic comedy and free range imagination. Be loud and proud.

alternate description:

Soundscapes. Arts with craft. Hammer-time. Find a path, or make one.
When Charlie Williams constructs his 4 story building with props and toys, cartoons and noise, you’ll discover a fracas of fabrication. It’s a sound safari of organic comedy and free range imagination. Be loud and proud! Noise oriented program for all ages, ear muffs optional. Truly a wall of sound!


Green Means Grow!

“Space! The final frontier! A hostile environment where plants cannot grow. Our mission: to explore strange new worlds and seek out plant life and new… vegetation!”  -Cactus Kirk

cactus kirk

“It is life, but not as we know it.”   -Mr. Stalk.

sigmund 2

THIS is the adventure of the Space Scout Succulents. This is an in house field trip assembly for your first and second grades. Students will laugh and learn watching this animated cartoon & science show. Filled with humor, comix and sound effects it teaches about the life cycle of plants as we follow the cacti coming to earth to see if they could survive here, where the grass is greener.

xmas tree pic

Didja know? Some plants can grow in water only, not just soil & sand, and some grow just using air. We explain that these conditions may be perfect for one type of plant but not another….submerging ivy/pond like plants in water is great for these plants but wouldn’t work with many other types.

az 10

We talk about how seeds travel (wind/animals/humans). “It appears to be some sort of Canadian Plant Ambassador!”

study a human

We learn plant vocabulary. It’s a germination! Woo hoo!

class seedlings

We talk about how humans can use “plants” to make food they need. Plants and humans help each other survive! We both need sunlight, food, water and air.

lemon bit 6

Identify parts of plants.
Observe plant environments.
Associate plants with literature.
Dramatize a plant story.
Identify ways of taking care of plants.

enterprise 2

Join us on the fun and exciting learning adventure.


“It’s not manure, OK? It’s moo poo.”



Free Stuff

Enjoy these downloadable free MP3’s of live recordings during school assembly comedy.
Or studio stories and songs. (from CD and radio vignettes)

Follow the links below, listen or download! It takes you to Mediafire. Click the “listen” button to open a player in your browser. Click the “download” button to save to your computer. Holler if you have problems, I am testing out their service!

The Hog Wild Comedy Hour!

These are recordings from a live show at Medina Elementary school. 4rth Grade students enjoy the rowdy kid comedy!

Sneeze Whiz Intro

Siesta Fiesta Commercial

Medieval Playgrounds

Noisy Tales!

A few free MP3s from my album lineup. Listen or download!


The Brementown Musicians

Jack and the Beanstalk

Billy Bobs Truck Drivin’ College commercial

Flush! An Ode to Toilets

Goldilox 2000

Sir George and the Dragon

The Cookie-Lau Song

The Legend of the Scairdy-Cat Sheriff

Sound Safari Theater

These studio sessions were used for the library’s dial in story line via Touch Tone Tales! They are short vignettes -for a quick and easy listen.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

The Secret Life of Walter’s Kitty

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Old MacDonalds Farm

How to Clean your Room

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Are the links working? If not holler and email me at noiseguycw@gmail.com

Would you rather watch me doing funny stuff in videos? Click here!