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Charlie Williams is better known as ‘The Noiseguy’ to thousands of children across the country.  He is a vocal sound impressionist who can imitate the sound of planes, trains, automobiles and much, much more! This talented performer is also a kids’ comedian, author, illustrator and onomatopoet.  A former children’s librarian, Williams travels the country introducing noise into all his stories.  He encourages even the most reluctant reader to make noise when they’re reading!

Just exactly what does he do?  Williams doesn’t just say the words ‘Crash’, ‘Boom’ or ‘Growl’, when he’s telling a story.  He imitates the sound.  Charlie uses onomatopoeia – a vocal imitation of an actual word.  Children and parents alike are enthralled by his delivery.

Williams has been featured in the Seattle Times as well as having appearances on Evening Magazine, NPR, Fox 13, KOMO 4 and other media across the country.  His book and antics have been hailed by noteworthy authors, Margaret Read MacDonald, Nancy Pearl and Jim TreleaseGene Ambaum, writer of the popular comic strip, ‘Unshelved’, says he and his family have been laughing at Charlie’s shows for years!

While education is no laughing matter, The Noiseguy encourages kids to laugh at everyday annoyances because humor is an important life skill.  He believes “the family that makes noise together is a family that enjoys together”.  He also brings his message as an educational component to librarians and storytellers as a way to increase audience participation and satisfaction.  No matter the age of his audience, everyone walks away having learned how to enhance story telling.

Comfortable with an international audience, he has also successfully toured Australia twice in the last couple of years.  His presentations at conferences, libraries, book stores, schools and comedy clubs span over 20 years.  He was most recently sought out by WaterAid America (affiliate of WaterAid International), in which he donated the creation of an online comic book to promote good hygiene and sanitation among children.

Williams’ first book, Flush! An Ode to Toilets is a fun picture book about the sound of a variety of toilets.  The comic illustrations depict high-tech toilets, airplane toilets, supermarket toilets and more.  You won’t be able to read it without a giggle or two (or three).  Incidentally, this book was featured on the new technology, Surface, by the Microsoft Corporation. (Which is now an antique at 2 years ago)

Charlie Williams resides near Seattle, Washington. He’s worked as a DJ, a cartoonist, a children’s librarian and a dishwasher.  A funny dishwasher.  Williams’ newest CD, Sugar Frosted Noisy Tales is – ‘Naturally sweetened kids stories’! Ingredients include crazy kid comedy, parody, imagination, silliness and …it’s also a little goofy.


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Internationally performing Kids’ comedian will be at (location) on (date)

Don’t miss this Zany Czar of Sound!

If it sounds like a duck and walks like a duck; it must be a duck, right?  Well, maybe not!  Charlie Williams is “The Noiseguy”, a vocal sound impressionist who can imitate the sound of planes, trains and automobiles! This talented performer is also a kids’ comedian, author and illustrator. In one of his typical shows you might hear flushing toilets, dinosaurs, monster trucks and beatboxin’.

When he tells you his fractured fairy tale of Jack chopping down the beanstalk, he doesn’t use an ax – that’s not noisy enough!  If you close your eyes, you’ll be convinced The Noiseguy is using a real chainsaw to bring down the beanstalk.  This is a show like none other – you won’t believe your ears!  Parents – be prepared for a lot of giggling!

Williams encourages kids to laugh at everyday annoyances because humor is an important life skill.  Parents will get in touch with their inner (noisy) child.  Everyone will learn some vocal impressions of their very own!  Williams believes “the family that makes noise together is a family that enjoys together”.

Charlie Williams resides near Seattle, Washington, USA. He’s worked as a DJ, a cartoonist, a children’s librarian and a dishwasher.  A funny dishwasher.  He is the author and illustrator of Flush! An Ode to Toilets; a fun picture book about the sounds of a variety of toilets.  The comic illustrations and rhyming text was published by Sound Safari Theater, a company that still believes laughter is the best medicine.

Williams has just released his newest audio cd, Sugar Frosted Noisy Tales – Naturally sweetened kids stories! Ingredients include crazy kid comedy, parody, imagination, silliness and… it’s also a little goofy.

‘The Noiseguy’ will be performing in the following location(s):

For more information visit, www.noiseguy.com



Presenter/Children’s Entertainer:

  • Library presentations include the following Library Systems: KingCounty, Sno-Isle, Fairfax Regional, Seattle Public, Bluebonnet Regional, PierceCounty and many others across the country and in Australia.
  • Book store and museum presentations include: Third Place Books, Village Books, Whatcom Children’s Museum, Museum of History and Industry and others.
  • Conferences include: Michigan Library Association, Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association, Washington Association of Library Employees (WALE), Young Authors, Oregon Library Association (OLA) and Washington Library Association (WLA) – 2008 joint conference and more.
  • Schools and other venues include: SeattleCenter, Puyallup Fair, Stanwood-Camano Fair, Family Fun Nights, Elementary, Middle and High School audiences and the list goes on.

Author and Illustrator:

  • KCLS Summer Reading promotional videos – wrote and produced storyboards and video, 2004-present.
  • Animated movie, “The Adventures of Super Toilet” for WaterAid America, 2008.
  • Published Pbbfflliitt! in Storytelling magazine, Sep/Oct 2007.
  • Published ‘Flush! An Ode to Toilets’ – written and illustrated, 2006.
  • Wrote and illustrated “Lewis and Clark, Up a Creek”.
  • Self published 2 books of political cartoons based on the strip, “Don’t Feed the Vultures” and “No Services”.
  • Cartoonist and creator of daily comic strip, Big Butte Junction for Star Tribune Daily Times WY, 1995-1999.
  • Fish Out of Water (created for St. LouisSchool District unit on conservation).
  • Jen Shipman Productions, ‘Inbetweener Animations’ for St Louis Cardinals and Kansas City Royals, 1985.

Comedian/Sound specialist:

  • CDs: ‘Noisy Tales’, ‘Seasoned Greetings’, ‘Sugar Frosted Noisy Tales’.
  • Sound effects on award-winning Zucker Brothers, webtoon series, “It’s JerryTime”, episode – The Gobbler.
  • KHTR Radio morning show sound segments.
  • Weekly Saturday Story Show – KIQZ, WY.
  • Half Wits Comedy Revue (Channel 44), St. Petersburg.
  • NPR story show “Pelican Shack”, Pensacola, FL.
  • Florida State Theater.
  • Various comedy clubs in MO, KS, KY, IL, GA, FL, AL.
  • Various sound effects for radio ads Olympia Broadcast Company, MO.
  • AtchafalayaSwampMuseumWelcomeCenter (voice and sounds of animatronics stork and Gator).
  • Vocal Foley for cartoon short “Shutterbug”.
  • Sound effects for Sound Dunes Studio (AZ) video game sound catalog.
  • Eglin AFB (Jet sounds for demo presentation).
  • New Orleans Home and Garden show, 2004-2005.
  • Coconuts Comedy Club (Florida), 1990-91.
  • Funnybone Comedy Club and Funnybone on Tour (Missouri), 1988-1991.
  • Amoco Commercial car sounds, 1988.

Other significant work:

  • Kids’ Performer, 1997-present.
  • Featured quotes in article, Comic Relief, Parents Magazine, October 2009.
  • Guest reader on the Dewey and Sketch (Snapdragon Puppets) dvd series, 2008.
  • Wyoming Public Libraries Children’s librarian, 1995-1999.
  • Sound Safari Theater, founded 1995.
  • Touch Tone Tales, Dial-in Story Program, used by library systems and schools.

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Making the best of our guest

Here are some ideas for activities or teaching moments, which can be tied in with our guest The Noiseguy! Please take advantage of the inspiration and motivation he instills in the students. Directing noisy energy into reading and writing is a positive, creative outlet!

These activities cover the following EALR’s: Reading 1.3, 1.4, 3.3

Writing 2.1 and communication 2.3.1 & 3.2

And it’s just such a “boy” thing!!

1. Folk Tales including “Fairy Tales”, were meant to be TOLD. Have the students find and read their favorite fairy stories (found in the 398.2 section of the library) and RETELL their own personalized version of a folk or fairy tale.

2. Creative Writing using a storyboard. This is a fun way to incorporate artwork (cartoons & thumbnail sketches, drama & action) into story planning. Emphasize that a story needs to have a beginning, middle and end. It can answer the questions Who is the story about? (characters) Where and when does the story take place? (setting, props) What and why do the story take place? (motivation, plot)

3. Besides the story elements listed above, this would be a fine time to introduce the literary device of onomatopoeia. Have students write one sound on a piece of paper, draw a picture of how the sound is being made, and build a story around it. Act it out for the class.

4. Journal Writing. Encourage students to keep a personal journal of anything they like. They can record ideas, thoughts or self expression through cartoons, poems, sketches, stories, clippings or pictures! Create a story from a personal writing.

5. Biblio of noisy titles! For an ever expanding list of books with examples of onomatopoeia or a noisy storyline, CLICK HERE

6. Have the students read aloud, practicing fluency, emotion and expression. Practice in front of the class or record the readings like a radio show. Try a reader’s theater, one reading while several others act out the action with very little use of props. It can be a picture book, novel or comic strip.

Finally, here is a small artice and lesson plan using onomatopoeia in the classroom. CLICK!

Personally, Don Martin from Mad Magazine is what got me going in this noisy direction. I loved his creative wordings of sounds. Plus he was funny while being really gross- something a lot of authors are too scared to do. Other authors try too hard to be gross, they figure it’s what kids want. But Don Martin had a passion for sound effects, that’s why he would lovingly pen the onomatopoeia “Ker-Splitch” into a comic about a guy stepping in doggie poo.

Biblio of noisy books!

Some of my favorites and recommended noisy reading! Be sure to tell me your personal favorites!

DINOSAUR ROAR! (Stickland)
I STINK (McMullan)
Zoom! (Banyai)
Do Bunnies Talk? (Dodds)
EARTH HOUNDS (hilarious!) The “Professor Xargle” series (Willis)
What’s that Sound
Slop goes the soup (Edwards)
Thump thump rat-a-tat (Baer)
Meow Monday (Root)
Muncha Muncha Muncha! (Fleming)
The Indoor Noisy Book (MWBrown)
Bunnys Noisy Book- (MWBrown)
SNAP! (Vaughan)
Walking Through the Jungle (Harter)
Cock-a-Doodle Doo! What does it sound like to you? (Robinson)
The Brementown Musicians (generic)
The Three Billy Goats Gruff (generic)
Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears (Generic)
Anansi and the Moss Covered Rock (Kimmel)
Car Wash (sandra steen)
The Hullabaloo ABC (cleary)
Barnyard banter (Fleming)
Vroomaloom zoom (Coy)
The Mouse that Snored (Waber)
A Very Noisy Girl (Winthrop)
Princess Penelope’s Parrot (Lester)
Martha Speaks (Meddaugh)
Snake Alley Band (Nygaard)
Rain (Stojic)
Hear! Here! Sounds around the World (Slung)
Cock a Doodle Moo (Most)
Hush! A Thai Lullaby (Minfong Ho)
Nathaniel Willy, Scared Silly (Matthews)
Click Clack Moo, Cows that Type (cronin)
Rattletrap Car (root)
Who says a Dog goes Bow Wow? (Hank De Zutter)
Good Night Owl (hutchins)
When Agnes Caws (Fleming)
Peace at Last (murphy)
Moo in the Morning (Maitland)
A Very Noisy Night (Hendry)
Piggie Pie (Palatini)
Zoom Broom (Palatini)
Abiyoyo- A South African folk tale.
Train Song (Siebert)
Gobble, Growl, Grunt. (Spier)
There’s a Monster at the End of this Book! Sesame Street Golden book
Froggy gets Dressed! (London)
Poems Go Clang! Noisy Verse (Gliori)
Seals on the Bus (Hort)
Paper Bag Princess (Munsch)
Summer Noisy Book (Brown)
Who Hoots? (Davis)
Train Whistles (Sattler)
City Sounds (Emberley)
Car Wash (Steen)
Marsh Music (Berkes)
Book! Book! Book! (Bruss)
Sounds All Around (Pfeffer)
Very Clumsy Click Beetle (Carle)