Breaking the Sound Barrier! (nice version)

The science of sound from a motor mouth at Mach 1!


Readin’ at the Speed of SOUND!

……….Talk about your accelerated reader! Heeeyooooh!

FA 18 Hornet

What is a sonic boom? Why can’t I hear a dog whistle? What was the first human invention to break the sound barrier? Did dinosaurs break the sound barrier? How do we humans mimic sound? These questions and many more will be answered by the Noiseguy as we explore the science of how sound is produced in Nature and by humans!

Listen and learn as language, loudness and laughter take the lead in the library. Charlie is a vocal sound impressionist, author and a kids comedian. On the entertainer list, he is under the category “other.”

Fun with amplified sound, a kid with lots of seniority, also an attention hound.
Fun with amplified sound, a kid with lots of seniority, also an attention hound.

During this noisy show there will be sound wordplay where we look at words that imitate the sounds they represent, such as hiss, boom, growl, and chirp. This onomatopoeia enriches language, allowing us to capture sound in writing. We will discuss and pick the top 10 noises we love and hate. Participants will help select the sounds, and categorize them. An imagination improv!

THEN. Listen with your eyes closed as Noiseguy take you on an audio vacation. Are you in the jungle, at the beach or at the North pole? A fun guessing game! Sound creates atmosphere and has emotional value. See how important sound is in language as we consider the differences in animal onomatopoeia. (Meow Meow, Bow Wow Wow)
Watch a 2 minute fairy tale performed JUST using sound.

br brownWe’ll also explore how sound is produced, like a boom of a thunderclap. We’ll discover how sound travels using vibration and sound waves. Of course Noiseguy will do the wave-thing with the slinky. See how a microphone can make you LOUDER! Eat yer heart out, Dewey Decibel!

We’ll even use our voices as a sound effect instrument! Kids will learn some funny new noises to imitate for their spoken reading. They will leave with a new appreciation for the world of sound around them.

here’s what the show is really about:

breaking the sound barrier

Eat My Dust! (SRP 2013)

A dirt bike, a bulldozer, a monster truck and a kid with a shovel. What do they all have in common? They are noisy and like to play in the mud!

eat my dust6

Charlie Williams is an underground comic and a vocal sound impressionist, better known as “the Noiseguy.” He is a mud-slingin’, noise-makin’ kids comedian! He’ll take you on an audio off-road adventure to get down to the nitty gritty. You won’t believe your ears!

See the story of Henry Ford’s first car race! Learn to imitate a dirt bike and a monster truck! Marvel at a true master of seismic shenanigans! Fun for the whole family.

Top 5 rejected theme titles:

5: There will be Mud

4: Dirty Reads Done Dirt Cheap

3: Earthworms are Greasy

2: A Dirty Mouth

1: Soiled Again!

Puppet show! (Wombat Stew)

A gooey, yummy, zany, funny puppet show based on Marcia Vaughan’s popular books “Wombat Stew” and “SNAP!”

Enjoy the kookaburra song! See a treefrog play a didgeridoo! Learn about the differences and similarities of Australian culture!

Brimming with stories, songs and lively puppets, this VARIETY show is noisy fun for all ages.

Written, adapted and produced by
Charlie “the Noiseguy” Williams, it is performed by the Sound Safari Players!

The plot: A chipper American Squirrel sets off for Australia to get a picture of the majestic Blue Tongue Lizard! Along the way, he meets a platypus who introduces him to the locals.
Will the little squirrel get a snap of the blue tongue?

Filled with hilarious Australian animal puppets and amazing Australian sound effects it’s fun for the whole family!

Running time- 40 minutes.
Full production stage, 4X6 feet, with amplified sound. Please allow 45 minutes for setup and take-down.



Holiday program (Christmas)

“The Noisiest Toy!”

Did you know that the 12 Days of Christmas are noisy?
Join Charlie “The Noiseguy” Williams and make a joyful noise! This is
a holiday sound adventure that will be sure to keep your ears ringing!

Hear the classic “A Puppies’ Night Before Christmas”. Learn to imitate eight maids a milking. Hearken back to a time when kids had to make the noise for the toys, and not vice versa!

The Noisiest Toy!

Ages 4 and older welcome. This is a show with amplified sound, storyboards and a lot of toys.

Show runs 45-60 minutes.

If need be, a generic holiday program -free of Christmas themes- is available too. Noises, stories and Winter shenanigans. Ha ha. Fun for all!

Noisy Tales

Soundtrack, Tunes and Toons.

Yes, onomatopoeia, parody, storytelling, comedy and illustration!
Noisy Tales, in story and cartoon form. Fun for all ages! A real doodle rumpus.

Charlie tells stories using an array of realistic sound effects, funny voices and zany humor. Students will learn there are many different voices for storytelling. It’s OK to tell it your way.



There are several basic examples of stories per program.

1. Reading a story out-loud!

2. Creating your own story using a storyboard of drawings or cartoons!

3. Retelling a folk or fairy tale in your own words and style!

4. Icing: And of course, how to add sounds for your own storytelling ambiance.

Imagine Jack using a chainsaw to chop down the beanstalk. Imagine the tortoise and the hare racing in their noisy cars. Picture the Brementown musicians doing disco. Picture Goldilocks kicking in the bear’s cottage door.

Imagine a Don Martin and Ray Stevens hybrid telling stories. You’d get Noisy Tales!

In each show there are examples of reading, telling and playing with sounds. Just plain old noisy fun.

charlie rock