While working at the library as the bookmobile driver, I decided to upgrade to a class A CDL. I started August 14, 2019 and attended classes in between my drive schedule at work. The hardest part was shifting the gears in my head.
I passed the skills test October 19th, 2019 early on a dark and rainy Saturday.

cdl 1

cdl t


aa cdl


cdl a



transcript 1




Upgraded from Class B (Bookmobile)

Articulated Bus.

charlie driver

Driver for the Community Library Network, 9/01/2018 – present

Member of Wyoming Trucker’s Association, 1994-present.




cdl 2

The Double Clutch Bus!

The Jest of the Story


Audio Visual Storytelling using foley, mouth-sounds, comedy and cartoons.

chazinausjanCharlie Williams is scene and heard!

Don’t know much about history? Each vignette is a few minutes long and the audience helps build the ambience. Fun for the whole family!


Commercial parodies of Bose radios and Truck Driving school, Charlie has a background in radio and was inspired by Paul Harvey’s the “Rest of the Story.” Kids may not remember or know PH, but Charlie does a great imitation of him- and also sounds like the gopher from Winnie the Pooh.

Which is the Loudest cloud? What was the first man made invention to break the sound barrier? Lewis and Clark never had a disagreement -or did they?
Don’t google the answer! Watch, laugh and learn.

Did you know… Cats not only keep your feet warm in bed and act as a great doorstop; they also give you a workout lifting them up.

summer 09 robert cat orange beach

Also.. Did you know…

That spooky, scratchy sound at night coming from outside…

21 scritching

..sounds like a grave digger… is your friends house haunted?

22 digger

No, it is the cat in the litter box. And now you know the jest of the story!!

23 cat scratch fever


Wakka Chikka Boom!


You voice is your instrument!
Noiseguy will teach your to play.
Beat boxing, tunes and toons.
Soundtracks for stories and the history of music!
Yes libraries rock, like a rolling stoooooone! 
Charlie does a good Bob Dylan too.


Noises, Tunes and Toons. Charlie the Noiseguy creates mouth sound tracks and beats
for his doodle rumpus, you can too! Shake a tale and rock the room!
Onomatopoeia, storytelling and shenanigans.


Doodle Rumpus!

doodle rumpuis

noun, plural rum·pus·es.

  1. a noisy or violent disturbance; commotion; uproar: There was a terrible rumpus going on upstairs.
  2. a heated controversy: a rumpus over the school-bond issue.

verb (used with or without object), doo·dled, doo·dling.

  1. to draw or scribble idly: He doodled during the whole lecture.
  2. to waste (time) in aimless or foolish activity.
  3. Dialect. to deceive; cheat.

Southern colloquialism, generally taken as meaning “goofing off.”

Here’s Pygmalien in front of the Observe-a-story.

DR gingerbread man start

Here’s what I look like trying to get a good idea:

social sharing large

Lesson plan: How to draw, design, develop a concept or gag as dexterity in a laboratory.

Charlie wrote and illustrated a daily cartoon strip, Big Butte Junction for the Daily Times and Star Tribune, in 1995-1998 in Wyoming. It was about life in the rural west.


How to keep journals, write gags, make comedic lists and recording your thoughts. All elements of your personal style. Dreamin’ I like dreamin’.

Animated GIF-downsized_large

Regardless of what the publishing industry says, the audience is your ultimate editor:

carrot top

sufferin succotash

Sketchy beginnings:


and the final on sketchbook pro/adobe flash on the computer.



Here’s one from when I was in middle school!


and a recent one from 2017.

water 2

My current strip is called Funny in the Head and can be found here!

When I was in 5th grade I used to deface magazines and newspapers. (with Mom’s permission of course!) It’s a good way to critique content and the ridiculousness of your realm. It’s not heckling, it’s postulating.

turkey talk 2


Journals of doodles, people sketches, funny ideas.

Don Martin was my inspiration and I practiced defacing magazine ads and newspaper stories. I was a budding heckler as early as the 2nd grade. A sense of humor is our strongest shield in today’s world.



page 1


xing big

fith mac




Toy Wars!

A Star Wars Toy Story!

toy wars title

Charlie Williams, the Noiseguy brings his crate of classic and new Star Wars toys to re-enact a story wars trilogy, Toy Story style.

He brings lights and a camera to enhance the action. Star of stage and screen, charlie uses sound effects, and plenty of Sc-Fi material to bring the drama.

Readers theater may include Jedi Academy commercial,
the force hits the snooze button and yoda-ling.
Spoiler alert, Charlie is the last Jedediah!

45 mins long, the room may need to be semi dark, and setup takes a solid hour.

May the Fourth be with you folkth!!

Star Wars Reads Day


toy wars


start the wars



Mouse Party! a Carnivolé.

Presented by: Charlie & Melody Williams.


Music, sounds, silliness and mice. Alliteration not included. A puppet show of vole vignettes!

mouse party working



Program description: 3 nutty bunnies are having a party in the library. Rabbits, mice and all their puppet friends present a performance of tunes, tales and tutelage. See a rodent recital of the 3 Little Mice Fluff. Listen to a mouse sing opera, yodel for Swiss cheese and beatbox a moused rap. Learn how to talk with your hands, make some noise and sing!

Performance Space Requirements: (Meeting Room) It’s a line-of-sight stage, considerations taken for seating, sound and lighting. Talking puppets, we’ll get early to setup and build the room along with the portable stage.

What will kids learn? Wordplay, spoken and written. dexterity, with fingerplay and vocabulary, Word building and sounding it out.

To book a program contact: Charlie Williams

Phone Number: 425 606 7589



Watch the cartoon video that started it all!


Thesaurus Rex!


Presented by: Chancy and Narly! Nancy Stewart and Charlie Williams

Program Description: Sweet songs meet nutty noises in this entertaining wordplay. What does a thunder lizard sound like? Enjoy the Five Little Diplodocus’s. Sing along with the noisy Dino ABC’s! Watch as little Thesaurus Rex, our archeological mascot, gets ready for school. Silly syllables and sizzling sibilants in a Phonological Phonemes party. Fun for the whole family, DINOSAURS! Dig it, baby!


What will kids learn? Wordplay with print awareness. Modality and edutainment. Participants will learn Homonyms by singing dinosaur scales. Scribble: a musical picture book improv and participants can join in during interactive Dino-yoga.

Programmer Availability: April and May

Yeah yeah, how much? $500 for multiples, 550 for a standalone, snowball them together and we pass the savings on to you.


charlie_198-copyBlue-19 copy.png

To book a program contact: Charlie Williams

Phone Number: 425 606 7589
Web site:,




Here’s the buzz!





The SRP for 2017 is “Build a better World.”



A haunted house. A submarine’s PING. A penguin party. A Jurassic lark. Join Charlie the Noiseguy in the rumpus room of his 4 story building! Bring your imagination and help with the fabrication. You’ll be floored!

There will be toys and noise. Dueling doodles. Suspend disbelief at his vocal impressions in an atmosphere of fun! Audio/visual, propped up!

Charlie Williams, is the Noiseguy, lord of the microphone. He is and adds a sonic character to reading, stories and animotion. (ha ha animation) His sounds have been used for radio ads, TV commercials, cartoons and video games. He speaks fluent onomatopoeia and teaches kids to real out-LOUD.

Dig deeper. What is a soundscape anyway?!


Join Noiseguy in his 4 story building! There will be Noise and toys, doodles by design, a fun fabrication. You’ll be floored!

Charlie’s show is DIY propped up! He paints cardboard boxes to look like cars, trains and planes. He is the lord of the microphone and speaks fluent onomatopoeia. Come see how to design your craft, laugh at his organic comedy and free range imagination. Be loud and proud.

alternate description:

Soundscapes. Arts with craft. Hammer-time. Find a path, or make one.
When Charlie Williams constructs his 4 story building with props and toys, cartoons and noise, you’ll discover a fracas of fabrication. It’s a sound safari of organic comedy and free range imagination. Be loud and proud! Noise oriented program for all ages, ear muffs optional. Truly a wall of sound!


Green Means Grow!

“Space! The final frontier! A hostile environment where plants cannot grow. Our mission: to explore strange new worlds and seek out plant life and new… vegetation!”  -Cactus Kirk

cactus kirk

“It is life, but not as we know it.”   -Mr. Stalk.

sigmund 2

THIS is the adventure of the Space Scout Succulents. This is an in house field trip assembly for your first and second grades. Students will laugh and learn watching this animated cartoon & science show. Filled with humor, comix and sound effects it teaches about the life cycle of plants as we follow the cacti coming to earth to see if they could survive here, where the grass is greener.

xmas tree pic

Didja know? Some plants can grow in water only, not just soil & sand, and some grow just using air. We explain that these conditions may be perfect for one type of plant but not another….submerging ivy/pond like plants in water is great for these plants but wouldn’t work with many other types.

az 10

We talk about how seeds travel (wind/animals/humans). “It appears to be some sort of Canadian Plant Ambassador!”

study a human

We learn plant vocabulary. It’s a germination! Woo hoo!

class seedlings

We talk about how humans can use “plants” to make food they need. Plants and humans help each other survive! We both need sunlight, food, water and air.

lemon bit 6

Identify parts of plants.
Observe plant environments.
Associate plants with literature.
Dramatize a plant story.
Identify ways of taking care of plants.

enterprise 2

Join us on the fun and exciting learning adventure.


“It’s not manure, OK? It’s moo poo.”