Earth Sciences with Chicken Lil!

Earth Sciences
First-second grades.
Enhanced curriculum, WA state
school district approved.

chicken lil 2 cj

1.) The Loudest Cloud. Heat, water, atmospheres. The personalities, the science of
weather. Is the sky really falling? Grab a helmet.

oh stormy

2.) Green Means Grow. The succulent space scouts come to Earth looking for a nurturing environment to live and grow. Cactus Kirk and Mr Stalk star.

sigmund land

3.) Surfin Safari. How to ride the waves of water energy! Drippy stories of motion in the ocean. “The Brig of Doom.” Christopher Columbus’ Gold, a leaky Brig and a ghost hurricane.
Enjoy the wave watchers scrap book.
Sound vibration + slobber + literacy = Onomatopoeia!

4.) Rock Concert! The Rolling Stones sing songs about big words. Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic foundations of the Earth. Tunes and toons.

5.) A Loony Tale, phases of the Moon. (Lunar Toon?) Tying it all together, a gibbous baboon looks at gravity, tides, atmospheres and orbits of our nearest influential neighbor in space.
I love the Nightlight!
Dancing in the moonlight!
Insert song cue here.

Thesaurus Rex!


Presented by: Chancy and Narly! Nancy Stewart and Charlie Williams

Program Description: Sweet songs meet nutty noises in this entertaining wordplay. What does a thunder lizard sound like? Enjoy the Five Little Diplodocus’s. Sing along with the noisy Dino ABC’s! Watch as little Thesaurus Rex, our archeological mascot, gets ready for school. Silly syllables and sizzling sibilants in a Phonological Phonemes party. Fun for the whole family, DINOSAURS! Dig it, baby!


What will kids learn? Wordplay with print awareness. Modality and edutainment. Participants will learn Homonyms by singing dinosaur scales. Scribble: a musical picture book improv and participants can join in during interactive Dino-yoga.

Programmer Availability: April and May

Yeah yeah, how much? $500 for multiples, 550 for a standalone, snowball them together and we pass the savings on to you.


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To book a program contact: Charlie Williams

Phone Number: 425 606 7589
Web site:,




Here’s the buzz!




Green Means Grow!

“Space! The final frontier! A hostile environment where plants cannot grow. Our mission: to explore strange new worlds and seek out plant life and new… vegetation!”  -Cactus Kirk

cactus kirk

“It is life, but not as we know it.”   -Mr. Stalk.

sigmund 2

THIS is the adventure of the Space Scout Succulents. This is an in house field trip assembly for your first and second grades. Students will laugh and learn watching this animated cartoon & science show. Filled with humor, comix and sound effects it teaches about the life cycle of plants as we follow the cacti coming to earth to see if they could survive here, where the grass is greener.

xmas tree pic

Didja know? Some plants can grow in water only, not just soil & sand, and some grow just using air. We explain that these conditions may be perfect for one type of plant but not another….submerging ivy/pond like plants in water is great for these plants but wouldn’t work with many other types.

az 10

We talk about how seeds travel (wind/animals/humans). “It appears to be some sort of Canadian Plant Ambassador!”

study a human

We learn plant vocabulary. It’s a germination! Woo hoo!

class seedlings

We talk about how humans can use “plants” to make food they need. Plants and humans help each other survive! We both need sunlight, food, water and air.

lemon bit 6

Identify parts of plants.
Observe plant environments.
Associate plants with literature.
Dramatize a plant story.
Identify ways of taking care of plants.

enterprise 2

Join us on the fun and exciting learning adventure.


“It’s not manure, OK? It’s moo poo.”



Breaking the Sound Barrier! (nice version)

The science of sound from a motor mouth at Mach 1!


Readin’ at the Speed of SOUND!

……….Talk about your accelerated reader! Heeeyooooh!

FA 18 Hornet

What is a sonic boom? Why can’t I hear a dog whistle? What was the first human invention to break the sound barrier? Did dinosaurs break the sound barrier? How do we humans mimic sound? These questions and many more will be answered by the Noiseguy as we explore the science of how sound is produced in Nature and by humans!

Listen and learn as language, loudness and laughter take the lead in the library. Charlie is a vocal sound impressionist, author and a kids comedian. On the entertainer list, he is under the category “other.”

Fun with amplified sound, a kid with lots of seniority, also an attention hound.
Fun with amplified sound, a kid with lots of seniority, also an attention hound.

During this noisy show there will be sound wordplay where we look at words that imitate the sounds they represent, such as hiss, boom, growl, and chirp. This onomatopoeia enriches language, allowing us to capture sound in writing. We will discuss and pick the top 10 noises we love and hate. Participants will help select the sounds, and categorize them. An imagination improv!

THEN. Listen with your eyes closed as Noiseguy take you on an audio vacation. Are you in the jungle, at the beach or at the North pole? A fun guessing game! Sound creates atmosphere and has emotional value. See how important sound is in language as we consider the differences in animal onomatopoeia. (Meow Meow, Bow Wow Wow)
Watch a 2 minute fairy tale performed JUST using sound.

br brownWe’ll also explore how sound is produced, like a boom of a thunderclap. We’ll discover how sound travels using vibration and sound waves. Of course Noiseguy will do the wave-thing with the slinky. See how a microphone can make you LOUDER! Eat yer heart out, Dewey Decibel!

We’ll even use our voices as a sound effect instrument! Kids will learn some funny new noises to imitate for their spoken reading. They will leave with a new appreciation for the world of sound around them.

here’s what the show is really about:

breaking the sound barrier

Family Fun Night

superfreakPlanning a family fun night?

Let Charlie be your entertainment. He’ll do a little bit of everything, stories from childhood, rambunctious readings, noisy fun for everyone. And of course tons of comedy sound effects! It’s a blast for ALL ages! This is a good show to tie up a day of assemblies with Charlie.

Parents will be wondering why the kids are imitating disco chickens and ninja beavers. They’ll come to the Family Fun Night looking for answers….. oh and they’ll get ’em!

They’ll find laughter is the best medicine, especially during these crazy dollar days.

Also…. humor is an excellent source of mental fiber.

Fun with Amplified Sound!

GRADE RANGE: 3-6, 6-8.

In 1979, Charlie was using noises in school…. for evil!

Yes, he could imitate a drip to drive the teacher crazy.

He could imitate the school belltone and dismiss class early.

But he had to learn how to take a talent that put him in the principal’s office and do something productive with it.

Hear his stories of working in radio, doing video game sound effects, and being known as “the ambiance guy!”

Yes, you can indeed make a career out of ANYTHING.

His message of hope reaches “C” students (just like him) everywhere!

Topics covered: Journal writing, creative writing, public speaking, humor as a life skill.

Charlie’s favorite toy was a Mr. Microphone. You’ll see why he has so much fun with amplified sound!


A collection of rhyming onomatopoeic poetry!! Assembly for K-2 grade.

Students will learn how much fun it is to read outLOUD and perform your reading with that under-rated literary device, onomatopoeia.

  • Hear noisy poems performed. Be inspired to create a noisy cartoon or poem! This is lit for your lips!
  • Poems about toilets, and evil little sisters.
  • Poems about trains and going to the dentist.
  • A tongue twisting, throat tickling, lip-loosening show! Learn the sound of rain, thunder and snow!


[on-uh-mat-uh-pee-uh, ‐mah-tuh‐]  noun

1. the formation of a word, as cuckoo, meow, honk,  or boom,  by imitation of a sound made by or associated with its referent.
2. a word so formed.
3. the use of imitative and naturally suggestive words for rhetorical,dramatic, or poetic effect.

Onomatopoeia is a word that sounds like an imitation of a sound. It’s a great way to get those skeptical “noise boys” interested in reading! Onomatopoeia is found in cartoons and comics. Pow! Zap! Boom! A nice enhancement to your reading initiative.

Price: $350 for a 45-60 minute assembly.

See Charlie read a onomatopoem in book form, about toilets!


Here is Anna Mattie Peter showcasing the ABC’s of Noises!




Fractured Fairy Tales

We all remember the old Fractured Fairy Tales from the Rocky and Bullwinkle show. This is kinda the same- except with lots of vocal sound effects. Picture the tortoise and the hare… in race cars. Picture Goldilocks taking pictures of the three bears with her cellphone. Picture Jack chopping down the beanstalk with a chainsaw.

The idea is to show students that the old stories CAN be retold, in your OWN personal style. Storytelling has no rules, contrary to what they tell you at the Storytelling conferences.
Book now! Have your classes vote on which story they’d like to hear and the Noiseguy will deliver the goods! (3 per show!)

Goldilocks and the Three Bears
The Tortoise and the Hare
Jack and the Beanstalk
The Brementown Musicians
Too Much Noise
Star Wars (hey- it’s a modern day fairy tale!)
Sir George and the Dragon (slide show musical)

Fun with amplified sound, a kid with lots of seniority, also an attention hound.
Fun with amplified sound, a kid with lots of seniority, also an attention hound.

Lewis and Clark, Up a Creek!

Over one million years ago, back in 1804, Ndlogoa team of men and one woman with her screaming baby, traveled west.

Their mission; to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new…… civilizations.

Join us for a multimedia presentation of this fantastic voyage. All ages will enjoy this hysterical, historical show!

A president with a plan. Thomas Jeffersontjcartoon

LewisantA dude with a funny hat. Meriwether Lewis

ClarkantA fellow with two first names. William Clark





A guy with too much time on his hands. Charlie Williams

Charlie likes to fracture these stories with fun voices, cartoon pictures, impressive sound imitations and anachronistic parody. (If you haven’t figured that out already) Yet the story retains it’s original flavor, kids will be learning and not even know it.

This is an hour long program that is part slide show, part reader’s theater. The reader’s theater has a part for someone in each grade (K-6) to play, with a few parts for brave teachers! The whole school will enjoy watching as Charlie recreates scenes like the expedition catching a prairie dog or meeting Sacajawea  Students will see a fun, educational approach to history, drama, reading and journal writing.


Charlie brings his own sound equipment and needs a good amount of performance space for a stage. He’ll need a screen and an LCD projector. (Charlie has his presentation and music on his own laptop.) 30 minutes setup time.

$350 for the whole show!




Clouding Around

The Science, the sounds, the silliness of Clouds

LEARN cloud names!

PREDICT the weather!

HEAR amazing weather sound effects!

LAUGH with a guy whose head is in the clouds!

Charlie’s cloud program combines comedy, cartoon animations, science, theatrics and lots of noisy fun for a show that will inspire your students in natural science!

Charlie explains what first graders take away from this program:

“This show was commissioned by my Mother, who recently retired as a first grade teacher. She asked me to do something creative with the cloud unit, it was boring the kids. “The terms were hard to pronounce! We need a more tactile presentation. Not like they can take a field trip up there. ”

I give each cloud a personality so that kids can remember the names easily. Students will also understand why certain clouds behave a certain way and how water vapor forms a cloud. I also use my skills as an animator and voice-over artist to make the clouds come to life. This is part slide-show, part live action and fully funny.

Afterwards, students will be able to walk outside and identify the 3 main cloud types. (Cumulus, Cirrus and Stratus) They will understand what they do and what kind of weather they bring.
They will get to touch a cloud. (I bring in an ultrasonic vaporizer- nice cool steam!) They will learn how to create their own cloud. (Winter time is best for this!)

I even discuss air pressure, lightning generation and tell a true story about a pilot that survived falling through a thunderstorm.

Clouds have always been a passion of mine, ever since I saw a wave of Cirrocumulus from a distant hurricane sweep over my childhood home in Florida. I hope kids find clouds as exciting as I do!”



Three’s a cloud! – the three main cloud types

The loudest cloud! – a cartoon quiz show about which cloud turns into a monster!

How to predict the weather by identifying clouds

How does water turn into a cloud?

What is a contrail? Is Cirrus really a “fair-weather” cloud? Which cloud spawns tornadoes?

Special needs: Charlie uses a projector and a screen to play his cartoons.
He brings his own sound system, laptop, screen and projector. In most cases he can line into a classroom projector as well. Keep in mind it needs to be somewhat dark and also able to have lights again at random intervals.