Charlie Williams lives in Washington state.

Phone:  425-606-7589



Noiseguy on fakebook | Bookmobile


Deviant Art:
Amazon Store:
Youtube channel:
Free stories to download! (menu links to mediafire)

Mostly active on:


4 thoughts on “Contact!

  1. Wondering if there’s a link somewhere to the stories you’ve done with sound safari theater. We like the stories with yeehaw bob the best (and all the rest too!) There used to be a link to archived stories we could listen to through our library’s website, but they’ve removed it. Let us know!

    -Becci Keays

    1. Oh you must be in the KCLS region? (You can holler at them to put them back up!) But I am working on revamping my MP3 store and also will offer those Sound Safari Theater downloads for free. I will hopefully have it together by August! Stay tuned!

  2. Hi Charlie,
    My name is Gwen Jewell. I am the co-director of Camp Theodore in Baton Rouge, LA.
    You came to our camp several years ago and we thoroughly enjoyed your performance.
    I see that you will be in Baton Rouge at the East Baton Rouge Parish Library the first week of June and part of the second week. I was wondering if you have any free time that week and a half to come to perform at our camp. We usually have our speakers/performers in the afternoon around 1:30.
    Please let me know if this is possible.
    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Gwen Jewell
    co-director of Camp Theodore

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