What are noiseguy’s space requirements?
Charlie moves around a lot. 5×8 lets him set up his speakers and bring in his trunk full of funny things. He puts masking tape on the floor for a stage, only to keep the slobber from getting the audience wet.

Does Noiseguy furnish his own equipment?
Yes! He has sound systems for every occasion. He uses his own mike (thankfully) All he needs is an electrical outlet!

Sound requirements?
If you are supplying stage sound, he needs one hand held mic. NO compression.

How do I get a discount?
Multiple bookings or merchandise assistance. Do you know of any surrounding venues that might like a tie in show? Can you help with supplementary sales to pay for the event?

Email us for more info.

What is the target age group? Charlie aims his material for ages 3-10. (unless he’s doing a jr.high or high school!) Of course he has stuff in there for all ages. Kinda like those good ‘ol Fractured Fairy Tales.

How long does the show last? About 45-60 minutes. He can go longer or shorter according to your schedule.

How far ahead do I book a show? Right now! He books up fast.

Who can I contact for help in promoting my event? Email Charlie and he’ll help you with his wealth of multiple personalities. noiseguycw@gmail.com

Is noiseguy really THAT noisy? Yes, he is. The jet-plane sounds like it is actually flying overhead. The train sounds like it is rumbling through the room. The drip sounds like it is actually getting on ya.

How much set up time does he need? Depending on the show, 15-30 minutes.

Can he sell books or CDs? If it’s OK with you and your venue, sure. He can set up a small, humble display and take cash or checks. Credit cards? Go to the online store: HERE

Where has he performed in the past? Bar mitzvahs, state fairs, libraries, schools, family fun nights and community theaters. Browse past dates on our calendar or check our references.

Will you help promote my program? You can download flyers and pix HERE,
you can contact us for advice or help HERE

How do I get a press kit? If you need a kit mailed to you email us, give us your address and we’ll send one right out. Or you can download them HERE

What is the difference between a press kit and a press release? A press kit is all the information you’ve been dying to know about the NG. If you decide to hire him, you may want to use some of the promotional pieces such as bookmarks, glossy headshots, etc. A press release is a short article you send to your local media to announce your event with the NG.

I am the local media, how do I get in contact with Noiseguy when he’s on the road? Call his cell number at 425 281 5439
Do you have sample interview questions? Email Charlie for a list!
Is there an Author Visit FAQ? Yes there is, email Charlie  and he will send it to you as a doc!
Our venue has no money- can we still get a show? There are several options, charge the parents a few bucks, tie in a sponsored show at another venue, help move some merch. There are many options. Email and see!
What other venues does noiseguy do? (time permitting) Birthday parties, school residencies, church programs, treehouse tales, daycares, partnered puppet shows.
Who can tell me about program info? Charlie writes and tests his shows, so he can answer all of your program questions. Email or call 425-606-7589

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