“Sneeze Whiz” and “Meow Meow Bow Wow Wow” mini flip book!


This pocket sized, softbound flip book contains 2 stories. Sneeze Whiz, a comedic cacophony of sneezes and when you reach the end, flip the book over and enjoy Meow Meow, Bow Wow Wow a cartoon comparison of cats and dogs! 64 pages, full color, 5.5 X 5, the same size as a CD case. Written and illustrated by Charlie Williams. For ages 5 and up, (contains minor grossological humor! Ewwwww!) $10.00 plus $2.00 shipping. Click Da button to use Paypal!


 Sugar Frosted Noisy Tales CD

sfntalbumcoverLooking for a children’s CD with heart-warming multicultural stories and a strong educational message? Well keep looking! Because this is crazy kid comedy, brought to you by that zany czar of sound, Charlie Williams. Known internationally as the Noiseguy, he is an award winning author and kids’ comedian. Stories and songs, live and studio, multi-track, multi-personality and all original CD. 60 minutes. $8.00 plus $2.00 shipping. Click da button below!

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Noisy Tales CD


The original album that started it all.
Noisy stories and songs for all ages.
Released in the Summer of 2000 it has seen 6 reprints!
Clicking the album covers will take you to Bandcamp for samples and downloads.

Fractured fairy tales, songs and overall weirdness.
60 minutes. $8.00 plus $2.00 shipping.
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 Seasoned Greetings Holiday CD


Holiday stories and songs for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
“War of the Worlds,” a spooky Halloween broadcast, “Squanto and the Jive Turkey” and fun Christmas stories and songs. This will put your family in the holiday mood.  Be kind to your pet hamster…. let him nap.

$8.00 plus $2.00 S&H. Click da button to order the CD.

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Click the album cover or the bandcamp button below to listen to samples and to download NOW!



Sound Safari Theater’s Greatest Hits!
(for download only!)

Select favorites from Touch Tone Tales.
These stories were hand picked by Noiseguy himself, remastered and listed as a virtual album. Sorta like 3 minute tales. Click the album cover to go to to download or listen to samples!


Takes ya to Bandcamp for an easy download.


Charlie’s Amazon Storefront
Editorial cartoons, e-books and Flush videos!

Available for Kindle this holiday classic tells the poem from a puppy’s perspective. Just .99!

apnbc cover

Flush is currently out of print, but read reviews here or watch video of a dramatic reading. Flush will be re-released soon as a flip book!



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