Newsguy in the Noise!

NTVJuly 2019 Morning show!

Kickoff show in Idaho, June 2019

high larrious

Pied Piper, Red Tricycle News, Seattle 2019

Kent Reporter, Toy Wars a Star Wars story May, 2018


Press in the park by the pool July 2017

Interview, SCLD July 2016

NPR interview, LA, June 2012

San Juan Journal, WA, Aug 2011

Rio Rancho Observer, NM, July 2011

Explore Big Sky, MT,  May 2011

Q&A with Stephanie Lester podcast Aug 2010

Noiseguy in Wisconsin!

KLEW TV News video, WA, July 2010

Newcastle Pacer Article, OK, June 2010

Voice Actors in the news, Jan 2010

Yuma Sun article, AZ Jan 2010

Tribune Eagle article, WY Jan 2010

Prank program article, April, 2009

ABC Australia Tasmania interview, Jan 2009

More audio from Tasmania, Hobart ABC, Jan 2009

World Toilet Day Supertoilet by Charlie

Powell Tribune Video Blog, WY, June 2008

Minot Daily News, ND, June 2008

Noiseguy on Evening Magazine! Seattle WA

Vicky and Jen show! My favorite interview of all time was this podcast. Vicky and Jen are awesome and are good friends! 07-09

The Herald, Aug 2007

Seattle Times, book review, Feb 2006

KOMO 1000 news, Book review, Jan 2006

Noiseguy in the library!

More newspaper articles:

Even more:

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