Margaret Read MacDonald“Great comedic improvisations hung on brilliantly crafted storylines and embellished with amazing sound effects. Exciting to see fine comedy presented for a young audience.”

 Bill Harley: “You’re incorrigible!”

Jim Trelease on “Flush! An Ode to Toilets”: “Research tells us that those students who do the most pleasure reading are the highest scoring students. With that in mind, I believe there’s more ‘pleasure-reading’ done in the bathrooms of America than in all the classrooms and libraries. What we need in our classrooms is more bathrooms. And don’t forget the Flush book!”

Ray Stevens “Charlie, keep making those jungle sounds!”

Patricia Dandonoli, WaterAid Inc. “Thanks to Charlie Williams, who created ‘The Adventures of Super Toilet’ we now have a delightful way to engage children around the world.

School Refs

“Over 400 students sat enthralled, and totally engaged while having the time of Charlie Williams is a master storyteller and fabulous comedian as well as an amazing teacher. Literary elements of onomatopoeia, pun, word play, simile, metaphor and more were laced throughout his presentation. Wonderful to watch him link laughter and learning! What could be more fun than getting to make noise in school?” –Martha Miller, Pioneer Valley School, WA

“Tell Charlie that the teachers, the students and even the tech guy, said this was the best assembly they’ve ever had!” –Ben Franklin Elementary School, WA

“We found Mr. Williams to be very entertaining and I appreciated how he mentioned throughout his presentations writing, reading and library skills. (i.e. journal writing, classics) I had many parents mention to me the following day how the talk at the dinner table was ALL about the cool noiseguy at school today! Thanks!” –Marybeth Cahill, School Librarian, Christ the King School, Phoenix, AZ

“Response to your programs has been very positive! One of our third graders retold your noisy house story to his class on Monday, it really made an impression on him. That is when you know you made a difference. We will most definitely have you back again!” –Lora Prato, Young Authors’ Conference Coordinator, Lincoln School, WA

“Our 6-8th graders really enjoyed Charlie Williams assembly, very funny and our Students loved You! The teachers all commented on how great it was too! Charlie interacted well with his audience of students! Great variety!” –Jane Morgan, Media Specialist, Ockley Green Middle School, Portland, OR

“He can make a normal story really funny!” “Great facial exprections!” “I liked the part where he does all the different sneezes” “He might be weirder than me!” –Quotes from a 6th grade class, Lovell Middle School, Cody, WY

“Words can’t totally describe the experience FarminStidewell Elementary School had with the Noiseguy. We’re still laughing! What an awesome performer. He kept our kindergarteners engaged for a full hour! Our teachers enjoyed the performance and really got involved. The world is truly a better place with the likes of the Noiseguy in it.” –Judith Anderson, Farmin-Stidwell PTA, Sandpoint, ID

Library refs

“Charlie Williams aka the Noiseguy is fantastic. He brought joy and laughter to the hearts of all the adults and children in our library. If you are looking for a fun program for your library for any age group, he is the man!” –Lynne Russo, San Ysidro Branch Library, San Diego, CA

“Charlie ‘the Noiseguy’ Williams was great, terrific and wonderful! He throws vocal sound effects and uses body language to tell a story. He captivated the audiences attention and participation. Got the children involved quickly and kept their interest throughout. I strongly recommend to any public library!” –N. Tolentino, Makawao Public Library, Maui, HI

“Kids love Charlie Williams and adults do too! Charlie’s amazing vocal sound effects, dramatic facial expression and use of body language brings stories alive in a way no other storyteller I’ve seen can replicate. He is hilarious, dynamic and excellent at connecting with kids. I highly recommend him.” –Erin Smith, Fergus Falls Library, MN

“I highly recommend Charlie Williams. He presented his wonderful and entertaining program at eight locations, parents praised the event and staff rated his performance excellent. His program of stories and sound effects is fun for audiences of all ages. Adults passing by stop and stayed! I also appreciated his flexibility. At one branch the audience was much younger than advertised, but Mr. Williams simply changed his program to meet the age of the group. A definite re-hire!” –Cathy Christmann, Charleston Public Library, SC

“Our patrons loved Charlie’s noises, they are still talking about how much fun they had! From Preschoolers to grandparents, all were trying to mimic the sounds and all were laughing hysterically! Looking forward to having you back soon!” –Marva Saunders, Frankfort Public Library, Chicago, IL

“As chair for a regional conference involving over 600 librarians from 11 states in Big Sky, Montana in 1999, I was searching for the best programming possible. I remembered seeing Charlie Williams at the Wyoming Library Conference earlier and the overwhelming positive response he generated. The evaluations attested to his skill with sounds, his enthusiasm, and his rapport with the audience. He was a delight to work with and a star as far as response and caliber of his program. I’d bring him back any time to stir up excitement and praise!” –Alice Meister, Library Director, Bozeman Public Library, MT

“My favorite part of the show was watching a packed room crack up at Charlie and really enjoy this program! Lots of new curious faces came in to see what the Noiseguy was all about. Charlie is the kind of performer library programmers love to work with; a total professional, courteous and top-quality. His staff was great too-great communication, clear about terms and conditions, always replied to questions and concerns right away.” –Ryan Stacy, Campbell County Library System, Ft Thomas, KY

“The noiseguy makes noise, not only with his realistic sounds of airplanes trains and more, but also creates the sound of uncontrollable laughter from his unsuspecting audience. Be prepared to laugh your socks off! A great show for all ages, but especially for boys who will want to know how to make these sounds too. Charlie knows what works with kids. He is full of goofiness, and fun but is also very aware of the crowd.” –Susan Keenan, Pitkin County Library, Aspen, CO

“I highly recommend Charlie Williams program. Not only is he incredibly talented, but he is adept at working with audiences of all ages- including that sometimes hard to reach group- teenagers. With his respect for his audience, his non-judgmental attitude, and contagious sense of humor, Charlie creates an accepting, comfortable and fun atmosphere!” –Cindy Birden, West Florida Regional Library, Pensacola, FL

“Charlie the Noiseguy engaged the audience from the moment he opened his mouth and kept that momentum for the whole show! His fast-paced, quick delivery had the entire audience (from young children to grandparents) smiling and giggling! Charlie was an audience and staff favorite for our Summer Library Program.” –Linda Colby, Mount Horeb Library, WI

“Charlie is an amazing entertainer! He advocates reading too- can you believe it? You can learn so much from Charlie – and while you’re having fun, he’ll inspire YOU to be a better reader.” –Jillian Subach, Meridian Public Library, Boise, ID

“Charlie Williams presented a program that I have never seen duplicated by other performers. His amazing array of sound effects kept young and old thoroughly entertained. Even his retelling of traditional stories was unique, with noises that kept families laughing for the entire program!”
Katie Strotman, Fairfax County Library System, Fairfax, VA

Festivals, Fairs and Family Fun Nights!

“Charlie the Noiseguy presented a dynamic and educational show for the 2007 Everett’s Music in the Parks Children’s Series. Full of warm and insightful humor, Charlie illustrated meaningful stories with sounds about the nature of childhood, parenthood, home and family. He taught us new skills, like how to make a grizzly bear sound with a jar, but also reminded us of the common ground found with others through playtime!” –Annique Bennett- Cultural Arts Coordinator, City of Everett, WA

“Charlie the Noiseguy was a perfect find for our fair. What a hidden treasure that brought family and children together to laugh and wonder how he did those noises. He performed on the children and adult music stage, and even opened for Steppenwolf!” –Malynda Shipley, Fair Manager, Stanwood Camano Community Fair, WA

“All I have to say about Charlie Williams’ talent as a sound effects performer is this: If you put Charlie behind one curtain creating the sound of a chainsaw and you put a live chainsaw behind another curtain, I couldn’t tell the difference. He creates life like sound effects with just his voice and a microphone. High energy, fabulous fun!” –Auburn Parks, Arts & Recreation- Cultural Arts Staff

“I have had the pleasure of receiving many glowing compliments regarding Charlie’s visit. By sharing his special talents with us, he helped me achieve my goal of bringing quality entertainment to the patient’s bedside and thus brightening the day for these very special children.” –Kathleen McBride, Asst Director of Patient Reps, The Children’s Hospital, Denver, CO

“Charlie’s performances were a fascinating blend of elements… story, sound, creative drama, comedy, cartooning and whimsey. The content, delivery, pacing, variety of material and participatory elements have been blended quite skillfully. A whole new highway of innovative entertainment!” –Jill Jeskin, Coordinator, Children’s Castle, New Orleans, LA

Australia Libraries!

“Brilliant show! 100 adults and children spent a wonderful hour with Charlie today laughing until they cried! Extremely entertaining and professional entertainer to work with. We hope to be able to have him visit Unley Libraries again in the future!” –Kristie Beatson, Unley Library, Adelaide, South Australia

“We were very happy with the Noiseguy experience! The children loved the show and are still imitating the noises he showed us. I think everyone- even the adults- in the group left the session having learnt something new and had a good laugh at the same time! Thanks!” –Rachael Drummond, Margaret River Library, Western Australia

“Very entertaining and funny reaching both young and older members of the audience. The concept of using sound effects to tell a story as part of a children’s show the way Charlie used them made the show even better. We are always looking for something different in our library programming and Charlie fit in perfectly!” –Nella Budicin, Melton Library, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

“Charlie was fabulous, professional and generous of himself, and this was something different and fun, of special appeal to boys. I have booked many shows/performers, and Noiseguy was second to none. He was a delight from start to finish, including all negotiations with Anne! 4/3/09 –Tammy Higgs, Goldfields Library Corp, Bendigo, Victoria

“The show was fantastic and Charlie had everyone in the palm of his hands from the start. They had a great time and there are going to be kids all over Mandurah making chainsaw noises, chickens and racing cars. Had a lovely time chatting with Charlie afterwards, I told him to buy a hat! We have unfortunately got our usual Summer weather of high thirties!!” –Cathy Puzey, Mandurah Library, Western Australia

“The comments that came back in the following days from kids and adults were all positive – seems like you’ve legitimized weird noise-making in this neck of the woods. So many other library services obviously enjoyed Noisehuy’s shows in Jan 08 that we thought we could safely rely on word of mouth. We wanted Yarra kids to enjoy what Charlie had to offer!” –Carol Clearwater, Yarra Libraries, Melbourne, Victoria

“The Noiseguy perfomed at the Rosanna Library in November of 2007. Children laughed their heads off at the crazy antics and stories. The laughter was so catching, teenagers wandered away from the internet and hovered around! Thoroughly recommend Charlie. The parents enjoyed the chance to reminisce school-yard tales.” –Lee-Ann Strachan, Yara Plenty Regional Library Service, Rosanna, Victoria

“Charlie the Noiseguy was one of the best performances we have had in my time at PSC. 150 people attended. One boy laughed so much we had to fetch water to stop him choking. It was an absolute delight to watch the faces of the children responding to Charlie. The teachers loved it and went back to school to look up more information on his shows. Charlie and his family were just really lovely people.” –Sharon, Scottsdale Library, Tasmania

“There were laughs a plenty when Charlie Williams visited the Goulburn Library. With minimal props, the Noiseguy used his voice to entertain both children and parents with a variety of sounds ranging from a submarine to a chain saw. As a former librarian, he also weaves into his performance the importance of reading. The library received many ethusiastic comments from parents about how much theri children and themselves enjoyed the show. If you have an opportunity to have the Noiseguy visit your library, please do, you will not be disappointed. –Rowena Gibb, Goulburn Library, New South Wales

“Charlie the Noiseguy visited Kingston on Monday 12th November and close to 200 children and adults, including 5 classes of grade 3’s and 4’s from area schools, listened to Charlie’s wonderful repertoire of fascinating noises. Everyone had a wonderful time and went back to school to practice!” –Rhona Lindsay, Kingston Library, Tasmania

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