high larrious

On NTV’s Goodlife morning show.

A sampler of noises in the park

Summer Reading promotional and funny animation!

Clouding Around show announcement

Noiseguy confounds news lady

Toy Wars!

Noiseguy in Otterbein library

Supertoilet! Deja Poo

Make a paper popper instructional

Noiseguy old website intro animations

TP-ing a librarian

Another Library promotional this time as a flash cartoon. POLKA!!!

I was touring an aviary by a nuclear power plant, when I was bitten by a radioactive parrot. I woke up the next day with a strange ability to imitate sound effects, eat with my feet and felt a strong craving for CRACKERS

How to use Onomatopoeia

And yet another library promotional with my son and our dog.

Full Version 10 minute story….

Turbo-Granny Vs Elvirus- a musical

Noiseguy in Powell!

Noiseguy on Evening Magazine!

2009 SRP Tour

Charlie got to play with the blue screen and do the weather. this is one of the reasons he is not allowed on TV.

Charlie does an instructional “how to use the catalog” cartoon for KCLS!

Supertoilet #3!! Stool Wars! lol

January 2009

Charlie went to Australia in January of 2009 to see if he could do TWO SUMMER READING TOURS in one year! Pretty sweet!

Charlie’s Aussie Adventure from charles williams on Vimeo.

Here is a short segment about SPIDERS down under!

spider booth from charles williams on Vimeo.


April 2009


On Saturday, April 4, I got to do a live podcast with Vicky and Jen at the Carrico branch of the Campbell County Public Library, Kentucky. What a blast! Vicky and Jen have a great show about what really matters and have a friendly, personal and realistic interview style. Working with them is truly a pleasure and I am proud to say I can call them both my friends! I enjoyed crashin’ at Vicky’s house and playing with their cool kids. Listen here!









November 2008

WaterAid hired me to produce a flash cartoon that teaches about hygiene. It’s called SuperToilet! If you love potty humor, then this toon is for you!

October 2007

I got to do the turkey sounds for “The Gobbler.” Which was a lot of fun. Doing the turkey call over and over heated-up my cheeks. Watch out for Gobble Warming. Ha ha.
These guys are a riot! And I love their animation style. Jerry and Orin Zucker made the movie “Airplane!” Check them out:

I got to do some vocal sound effects for an animated film called “ShutterBird”! See a sniglet on this page.

Finger play promo for the library, The Itsy Bitsy Spider!

May 1985

Here is a video from 1985, back when we won a talent show in high school!


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