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Charles Williams has been making noise in schools and libraries since he was a kid. He’s worked as a DJ, Cartoonist, Kids Comedian, Children’s Librarian, Bookmobile driver and Dancing Air Balloon Sky-Guy in front of a car dealership.

2020 being what it is, means more driving- fewer shows.
Kinda like the National Summer Reading Program of the last 20 years.
(he performed in 49 of the 50!)
He drives a truck over the road delivering toilet paper.
His live and online shows are by appointment only -due to the Tetris scheduling game.

and see what his current state is. (emotional, I bet!)

He is still the vocal foley effect artist for Sound Safari Theater, an audio company that produces children’s albums and educational programs about onomatopoeia. Listen to his podcasts, free! Here RadioPublic and on Spotify

In other words, he writes, illustrates and performs funny kids stories.


Lord of the microphone, czar of sound, Charlie teaches kids to read out LOUD!

In the 1990’s he wrote, illustrated and published the daily comic strip
Big Butte Junction while living in Wyoming. He’s at it again! Visit Brigatoon.

Charlie “the Noiseguy” Williams is a vocal sound impressionist, comedian, illustrator and author who shows how to use onomatopoeia to enhance reading, writing and storytelling.

Imagine the story of the Tortoise and the Hare being told with the sound of cars racing past or Jack chopping down a beanstalk using a chainsaw! Hear the sounds of Lewis and Clark paddling upstream, and practice the ABC’s of Onomatopoeia!

Onomatopoeia is derived from Greek words meaning “name” and “making”. It is the name given to a sound. A word imitation of noise. Like “CRASH” or “POW!” Children use name-making when they seek to speak in sounds they hear. Cows MOO, Chicken’s pass the BOK and trucks say BLUBLUBLUB!

Whether it’s a readers’ theater, school assembly, story-time or family fun night, the Noiseguy has something different for your author visit or kids comedy show. Guaranteed to please children of all ages!

Contact: 425-606-7589
On the 4Arts roster



(Virtual Online Summer Reading Program)
a few noisy read-alongs.

Sneeze Whiz! A Sneeze syllabus

Elvirus! Here is a musical cartoon I did a few years back for ADRA Canada. Murky Mayhem’s singing voice was the hardest to do! 😀

Interview for Madison News, a few years back

My original website welcome! FLASH!

WOW! For the Bookmobile, Community Library Network.
I was an Outreach specialist and driver. (class A in a classy chassis)

Sir George and the Dragon
MP3 of a classic tale in musical form.

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